Venus and Juno

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Before meeting hotspring I called on Hera to protect our marriage (AC & Izzy). Those prayers were answered. Pan didn't show up to play. Dionysius ordered a ginger ale. Apollo didn't try to dazzle with wit and charm, nor Aries to boast and try find a way in. She must have sent Eros off on an errand. But Aphrodite, she is a jealous one. I'm afraid, not honoring her has left me restless and seeking sleep more than getting it. So two prayers:
Aphrodite, forgive me for not singing your praises. I see you in hotspring's beauty and grace. Any man who stands close to this gorgeous woman is blessed. Should she chose to use her power of seduction, no man could resist. All praises to you.
Hera, thank you for your protection and keeping temptation away. Please interceed with Aphrodite on my behalf and get her off my back so I can get some rest. All blessings to hearth and home.

It's weird being in a motel. TV sucks and is dangerous. I'm off to the ocean (Fern Canyon).
Blessings on us all


Aphrodites - You needn't

Aphrodites -

You needn't have feared just because I said I was on the prowl. In truth, I know how reckless Aphrodite can be - so while I miss her, I also ask that Artemis protect me from her. She has. Artemis (as many of you have probably noticed), is the protector of women. As such, she would first and foremost have loyalty to your wife Hera, were any Dionesian qualities of yours to have come out.

I've found Artemis to be a really good archetype for relating to men with. She is sportly, a good comrade, and virginal. Apollo and Artemis were brother and sister. So, there's that sisterly feeling: intimacies can be shared, but boundaries never crossed. Hence, the comfort I had in sitting by the fire with you and four other men and sharing lively insights. I don't have to be a flirt to be engaging.

But as I said, I do miss Aphrodite, as do you in your wife! You know, Hera is very jealous. The union between man and woman and the vows of fidelity they take are very important to her. Perhaps your Hera has been so insulted with your years of porn use, that she has retreated into a Hecate archetype, and left Aphrodite by the wayside?

If you do pray more to Aphrodite, pray on my behalf too. Ask her to come into my life gently, holding the hands of her sisters Hera and Artemis - a fine balance. I hope to honor her and evoke and embody her, but not at the expense of all else I hold dear. Now is a precarious time for me.

Aphrodites, I saw many fine men in you, and all of them well-intending. I hope that the quality of your presence, and your dedication to your Hera, will only grow and expand until Aphrodite swoops down and decends on that Izzy and makes her swoon like she never has before with you, or in any lifetime since.