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Hi all,

I've been continent for about 6 months now. Not continually, but practicing continence with inevitable slips.
The first time I tried, I went 90 days. At the end of that period, I was fantasizing on a daily basis and the impulse to have an orgasm became a constant thread. Basically I was getting hot and bothered with nowhere for the energy to go but out.
After that I went through a few roller coasters where I might go 2 to 4 weeks, then have an emission. Since I would indulge in cannabis occasionally, I noted that getting high would usually lead to having an orgasm. Seemingly I would get so sensitive and sensual that it would more or less lead to orgasm.
I've since stopped smoking and have been continent for about 6 or 7 weeks now.
As I've become used to living this way, the aspect of controlling my sexual drive has gotten easier, or I should say it's not so much I'm controlling my sexual drive but avoiding the creation of situations where it would flare up uncontrollably.
I'm hoping that instead of being a constant sexual flare or nuisance in my pants, this energy will get reincorporated into my whole being.
Being continent has also resulted in my being able to stay away from porn. The two seem related. Perhaps the dopamine exhaustion from orgasm leads to other methods of raising dopamine via porn.
Given that I'm 52, I don't see my brain getting back into balance in a matter of weeks. After all this time, I'm thinking my brain is just now getting rebalanced around this to some small extent.
I don't think I would stay away from porn if I wasn't also practicing orgasmic continence. Just an observation on probabilities rather than any intent there.
I find that I am less reactive around women in general, less likely to speculate on their sexual aspects, or at least not to fantasize about them overly. There haven't been any miracles there but sometimes I think I get a bit more attention than I expect from women in general.
Porn and other issues more or less led to a breakdown in my sexual relationship with my wife. We've been practicing the Exchanges, again, this month. Our marriage has been mostly sexless for a couple of years now but using the information on this site has helped us reboot our relationship and hopefully the physical component as well soon. We're loving and companionate but the karezza part has yet to make an appearance.