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I have gone 10 months without masturbation. Now I am feeling the rush to cum. As I sit here, I feel the need to cum, I do not want to, but my cock feel so so full and my balls throb. What can I do to defeat this?

My other problem, will I be milked by way of a colonoscopy in January, since the prostate will be full?

I want to defeat the need to blow a load so how is that done?

advice please,

10 months!

Wow. That's quite impressive!

It's looking like the body can empty the prostate quietly on its own, sort of like the eyes can absorb tears instead of having to cry to remove excess moisture. That "full" feeling has more to do with signals going on in your brain (telling your body to ready itself for action!).

How's your social life? Everything we're learning says it's good to work on two fronts...regaining some control over the orgasm reflex...and making more of an effort to connect with others.

I'll enable you to blog so you can share more of your experience.

No milking

I agree with Marnia. The brain feels full, the prostate is fine. Meditation that raises the energy up from the first chakra to the crown will help disperse that feeling.
I've had 2 full length colonoscopies without the prostate being milked.
[quote]As I sit here[/quote]May I suggest getting off your ass Wink and doing something else?
Congrats on not masturbating. That is big work.

10 Months! Wow!

HI I'm Paul 23 yo - bisexual - Just joined this forum - this thread interests me.. because 10 months feels impossible to me at this stage of my life! - Explanation follows

First a bit of my history...
I sort of discovered edging @ about 16 yo - by accident really - Prior to that JO sessions with buddies were about who could cum first. My first sex experience with GF I came too soon, so learning how to control became a priority. Nowadays I edge most days for between 20 mins - 1hr. Also I let semen build up & only cum every 3-4 weeks - my longest was 9 weeks

After the first week its an amazing feeling being so sexually charged up all the time. Takes a lot of willpower to concentrate on other things. But I'm quite into self denial & tests of willpower anyway & I'm convinced its worth the short term pain for a long term pleasure (I'm a bit into pain anyway - LOL )

The bit that interested me was about how saving one's self sexually boosts (or reduces) physical energy. I'm a keen keep fit, run & swim sort of guy, and in my experience, after the first week or so, my energy levels are seriously boosted. I run/swim faster & longer, lift more weights, swim in ice water colder & longer, my pain threshold is higher. But there comes a time (for me after about 4-5 weeks) when, even though I've not ejaculated, my physical energy levels drop to about normal. For this reason I prefer NOT to save myself for extended periods.

So my question then is... Is there any point in not cumming for extended periods - in that it becomes counterproductive as regards sexual & physical energy? Maybe the goal is to go for something more moderate.????


the goal is to go for something more everlasting!

The goal is to never ever masturbate or orgasm anymore. At least for me and for some more people that are going the Karezza-Road - even if it did not work up till now, I had some little relapses, but I am working on it! And orgasms happen sometimes but they are really not the goal. I can't imagine anything more selfish and useless than an orgasm...

Ah yeah.. I can: masturbation! even more useless and selfish than orgasm..
And since I am a woman I don't need orgasms at all, guys might need them some time when they want to procreate.

You know, Paul, the problem of orgasm (or heating oneself up sexually) is the two week hangover period afterwards. The moodswings and all. The antisocial behaviour. And the disability to run a good and lasting and happy and fullfilling relationship. Did you read about it already somewhere on this site?

Selfish act?

Hello Fluer-Rare. Well for a woman I think Its diferent, though I dont profess to be an expert - LOL. I don't need orgasam as a self indulgent or selfish act - I'm quite good at willpower, in fact its the bit I most enjoy.

When I decide to go for a period of self denial I feel very sexual after 5 to 7 days. Around 10 days or so the blue balls start & it does get really hard to concentrate - but I like a challenge & I love being semi hard all day. I find a gental massage of the scrotum & balls helps immensly.

I find that lying down conciously meditating on the feeling is good, for a short while. But Ultimatly though its just willpower I'm afraid - Just do something else - Pain is all in the mind & all that! Tough it out...

I'm quite into self denial & tests of willpower anyway & I'm convinced its worth the short term pain for a long term pleasure. I'm a bit into pain anyway - LOL - I sort of enjoy the challenge! And the spiritual satisfaction of self mastery is awesome.

However I need to cum occasionally to "reset the clock" so to speak,
otherwise, after about 5 weeks or so, I loose interest in sex altogether - almost worse than if I cum every day - Then there is no challenge any more. The idea of NEVER cumming interests me (the spiritual willpower & self mastery) but I want a sex life & there isnt much challenge if I'm not interested in sex.

So to summerise... I find total lack of orgasam a bit pointless - I WANT the frustration of saving myself & I love being semi hard all day, but when the errection & frustration goes away there is no point in prolonging things, so I cum & reset the clock. If was to go for a much longer period of denial (say 6 months or a year) would my sexual desires return??