Testosterone levels

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My question is in regards to how libido and in essence testosterone changes after not ejaculating for a some time. I understand a lot about the body and know that testosterone is one of the prime factors in it's regulation. So my question is does it rise without orgasm? I went 6 days without orgasm and had noticed myself pay much more attention to girls on the street and at the workplace. Also when I did orgasm the amount of ejaculant was much more than when I was doing it on a regular basis. Thanks for the help. Read your book and am really intrigued bit not 100% on board yet.

Hi Jordan,

Welcome. Thanks for your open mind. Few people are instant converts. Even I required years of experimenting to end up with my current viewpoint.

Does this post answer some of your questions? If not, I'll see if Gary would like to dig around some more. http://www.reuniting.info/node/726#comment-2075 Testosterone and dopamine are intimately related and regulated by the limbic system.

I've enabled you to blog if you like.