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I want to give everyone a "big bear hug."


And if you read this, it DOES mean YOU. No one is excluded, ok? (Even if we haven't talked yet, or I haven't met you yet.)

I feel very warm swelling feeling in my heart/chest area. I just had to tell y'all I love you.

If you don't have an actual bear... Chester is a Gund Bear. I recommend getting those kinds of bears because they are THE BEST.

Oh and YES, I know that I'm a duck but I can still give BEAR hugs. Smile


I need a Big Bear Hug right now...

My mom just told me and my sisters in a meeting JUST NOW...that she found a lump under her arm and in her neck. I'm feeling stessed about an 9 out of 1-10

I can't tell anybody what I'm thinking. What I'm feeling. I can't talk to anyone because no one would understand. Or I'm afraid they won't. My desire for a cigarette is so intense it will be amazing if I don't smoke tonight.

Mom's an RN (Registered Nurse) and she said she found it and the docs she works for said it doesn't feel like a defined fatty tumor. What's worse is she has a mastectomy (breast amputation) a while back.

I wanna go have a drink and I want a cigarette ...or... I'd take a hug and a shoulder to cry on and forget all that drink/cigarette...and tap. I think I'll tap anyway...

HEY. Maybe I could tap as I type and then it will be like y'all are here with me...

Ok. .. ... that's a good idea (Alligator tears...)

(Eyebrow Points)
Even though my mom just told me that she might have cancer in her lymph nodes.. and I want a cigarette... really bad...and a rum/coke... and all I can think about is ME,!! I still love and accept myself...

(Butterfly Hug)
Even though I am mad at my mom for being so damn stubborn with her eating habits and for NOT HELPING ME WITH MINE EITHER...and I am mad, mad, mad about that... I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself. stop tapping/deep breath/let it out...

(Butterfly Hug)
Even though I am mad at my mom and I can't hug her and I DON'T know why... I'm still a good duck.

(Karate chop point)
Even though it seems like EVERY TIME I start to care for myself mom leaves and that's JUST THE WAY IT IS... I still think I'm worth being here and tapping... for... and I choose to tap because I'm worth it.

(Karate Chop Point)
Even though I really want a cigarette and a drink... I'm still a good duck. (Deep breath - blow out)

Well... that was better than being completely alone with it... maybe I should go hug my mom or play a board game with her or sit with her and watch TV or something.

I'm feeling about a level 4 grief...which is better than... ... before...

I'll be back in a bit... I love you guys. Daffy

Thank you ....

Sapphire and River.

Just so you's know... everytime I feel sad... or scared... I tend to get mad... but ... that don't mean that I'm a hard ass. It really doesn't. I told mom that since I've been doin' all the anti cancer stuff that I know exactly what to do! So... she just said she'd stop all the bad eating stuff and listen to me now. She's gonna be allright, I know it. I'm here. I do love my mom. Just because I get mad at her ... and I know she just looked at me like... "stop it, DD"...but she just smiled at me. (Even though I was yelling at her.) But I don't mean to yell. I don't. I just said "I don't wanna hug you!" And she hugged me anyway. But it doesn't mean I don't love her. I do, though.



I think I know just what you

I think I know just what you mean, Daffy. I love my mother very much, too. Excrutiating much. And I used to get so furious at her. As a matter of fact, I got mad at her in proportion to how much I love her and care about her.

Living well is the best revenge *evil grin*

Dear Sapphire...

I understand completely about the sense of loss that you have felt. River helped me by also explaining that he understood that in times like this (how did he put it, exactly?) that ... there can be an imbalance of where I fit in verses where everyone else does. And with my feeling so close to my mom's easy for me to feel overwhelmed but also want to help the most too.

So. When my brothers and sisters just left last night and went back to their homes and their families, I got scared. Because I want to help my mom but...there is this feeling I have...of my life not ever being about me. I guess it's because I didn't know that I could make it about me without feeling abandoned.... and that seemed my highest priority, to feel safe in this world. If I wanted to ever move away from here ... could I ? Would my other brothers and sisters take as good of care of mom as I could? Energetically... we are too enmeshed I'm sure. But maybe that's my role. I need to relax in the flow of things, trusting. that I feel safe, (r) in the world... with a new group of friends around me here, I'm not AS scared because people like Marnia and others tell me to follow my own sense of intuition and I know that's what I want... but there is this pit in my stomach that is anxious. (Thank "God" for tapping - EFT ). But anyway...

Glad you understand, Sapphire... I actually know you do. How nice it is to be mirrored back who we are... we get a sense of not EVER being alone with that kind of evidence. I get a sense that my struggles are not nearly as personal as they seem to be. Know what I mean?

Hey River... I threw that last sentence in there for YOU, buddy.

Love y'all, Daffy

You do understand, Daffy

You do understand, Daffy :) :) , but for me, there also more to it. I was just going to make a post about this on my blog when I saw the new reply (which turned out to be this one of yours) here. So I'm going to go over to my blog and post about a lightbulb that lit up for me a few minutes ago.

Thanks, Daffy *hug hug*

Living well is the best revenge *evil grin*

Yes I noticed that sentence, Daff,

my fine feathered friend...:)

Reading your post I felt a rush of (unconditional) love-energy through my body. I'm always moved by your directness and honesty.

More later, but I just had a message arise in my mind, and with all the synchronicity of the last week or so, I feel I am meant to make it known here: "The question is, how we can help others without losing ourselves." I'm not sure where that came from , but it sounds good to me. May you be well, dear friend.

helping others

[quote=River]: "The question is, how we can help others without losing ourselves."[/quote]
I would say that we can't help others if they don't want to be helped. And that if we try to help them when they don't want our help, or if they take our help without also taking steps to help themselves, then we are at risk for losing ourselves.

Living well is the best revenge *evil grin*

greatest need?

Maybe it's a question of the greatest need. If someone is in greater need of help, then help them. If your need is greater, then helping them instead of yourself might not really help them at all. Like on a plane when the warning cards for the oxygen masks say for an adult to put theirs on first before helping their child, 'cause if they don't and then pass out before getting the child sorted, then they both suffer.


Nice point

It doesn't pay to get locked into rigid rules about such things. I like the Daoist image of a river, where conditions change frequently, and one's response has to change, too.

What works at one stage of our healing, or the healing of another, is not necessarily the wisest response at another phase. Hence the need to stay "tuned" for insights, and to remain flexible.


...been hanging with some Spanish speakers (who frequently laugh at me) and I love the sound of the language
"Hugs for you and your mother"

Miracles do happen, ya know?

Mom went to the doctor yesterday and all the doc's she works for were kinda freakin' out because there "Chrissy" had a lump under her arm and in her neck right? Well... you can imagine the buzz at the doc's office with her having been there 20 years now. She's an RN. But anyway... so ...the place to go get all those tests is next door and she got in right away because those lumps didn't feel like "fatty tumors" and all.

So last night all my sisters came and we had a meeting here at mom's. Last night, my mom said she wanted me to tap with her. She seemed very adamant about it. So, I did.

We tapped on "that yellow ball with fingers on it" (I asked her to be descriptive of it like a good "EFT practioner that I am! yeah, right.) So... I kept asking her to be as imaginative as possible and used my intuition and she was awesome too. Then... we tapped on "resentment" as she pretended to say what that "yellow ball/lump" would say ...and to make a long story short... she talked about "resentment" and a feeling of "no support" either now...or with her mom growing up. Then I played a song she wanted me to play and she sang the words to it. A good old hymn, ya know. What else is a Mennonite supposed to do but sing, right? (We tapped for a total of 40 mintues)

Today me, my brother, my sister, my aunt, my uncle, and my mom's best friend went to the testing place with her. After waiting an hour and a half... she came out and said "The radiologist found nothing there." The lumps are physically gone. There aren't any lumps to feel. They're gone. My brother and I stared at each other! I had totally forgotten about the tapping and yet HE is the one who said. "Holy Crap!" And then I remembered the tapping.

See? Her best friend (Oh YEAH, she was there today too!) she had a mass on her pancreas and was hospitalized and I went to visit her because my mom was going to be away. I tapped with this lady for 2 hours! On all kinds of things like grief, loss of sweetness in life....etc....!! Then... she had to have the biopsy of the mass (which was on the ultrasound) and ...when they went to do it, there was no mass to take a biopsy of. Whatcha think of THAT? !! ?? This was a little while ago.

So... my brother was there and his wife had 4 lumps in her breast and was going to have them removed last year. She was sooooo scared. I went to tap with her and showed her how to do it. I was soooo nervous to do it because you just don't talk about energy healing in MY family...but I was worried as was everyone else. I only helped her with education about the tapping and why it works and we tapped on a knot in her back (which moved around after tapping for it). So I was going to get together with her privately and do the rest of the tapping for the lumps in her breast and when she went in for the surgery... there were only THREE found...not FOUR! brother was trippin' out today as it was more proof, I guess.

So. The lumps were there, and now they're not. But you know what the BEST thing is? My MOM AGREED to ACTUALLY go ahead and REVAMP THE ENTIRE WAY SHE EATS and is going to work on being completely healthy WITH ME, for the next 90 days!!

There you go. I can't belive it. She had lumps last night and now she doesn't. You can't feel ANYTHING there at all! Needless to say the doctors and nurses at the office were kinda like FREAKIN' OUT!

Well... I'll sleep good tonight and so will mom. Thank you everyone for EVERYTHING. AND all the supportive words and hugs.

love, Daffy

If I know

anyone with lumps, I'm sending 'em to you so you can teach them how to heal themselves.

That's really exciting about your mom getting on the straight-and-narrow for healthy eating!! Divine kung fu. *heh, heh*


Amazing events! That is just AWESOME!

I wonder what is more miraculous and wonderful, the physical results of the healings, or the change of heart of your family members! Anyway it's all good!

Keep us posted, Daffy.

Ripples of healing, spreading out into the world...beginning with just an intention, then becoming substance...

Electronic Hugs

We had a discussion on the weekend about whether an electronic hug is even possible. Because of my experiences with Reuniting, I could sit there smiling, sure in the knowledge that not only are they possible, they are also wonderful.

Thanks, DD (and everyone!)