Viewing Internet Pornography: For Whom is it Problematic, How, and Why?

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Finally, researchers are starting to acknowledge that porn IS problematic for up to 60% of users. But they're looking at the "psychological processes," not the "physiological brain chemsitry processes." Psychologists still want to explain it all with "guilt." I'll see if I can get the full study through my library. Here's the abstract.

Published in: Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, Volume 16, Issue 4 October 2009 , pages 253 - 266

This study investigated the prevalence of problematic Internet pornography viewing, how it is problematic, and the psychological processes that underlie the problem in a sample of 84 college-age males using an anonymous online survey. It was found that approximately 20%-60% of the sample who view pornography find it to be problematic depending on the domain of interest. In this study, the amount of viewing did not predict the level of problems experienced. Mediational analyses suggest that the manner in which an individual interacts with urges to view pornography may be related to whether viewing is problematic or not.

Guilt creates moral quandary

If porn's problem is a matter of guilt, then they are creating their own self-invented moral quandaries alongside the theory.

For instance, if it's just guilt, then women need to stop hating on their husbands liking porn, as porn is not "negative" in the first place. Your misplaced anger is based on empty religious beliefs that say men should only look at you. Porn isn't "cheating", as it's just the man indulging in depictions of sex, to help enhance his imagination during self-pleasure, which is also just a good thing with no deleterious effects. It's only the guilt that is plaguing us.

If we could all just be sex-positive, then porn would be a boon to our society, like it's supposed to be, both monetarily and psychologically. Right now, 40% of porn users are having heaven on earth. The rest of you are stuck bickering on whether Jenna Jameson has ruined your marriage.

To add further to the absurdity, why not just start using porn as a mass stress reliever for children. Got a test? "Debbie does Dallas" has got an antidote for you that you'll never forget (I never did Smile ). Little Suzie is upset about something. Internet porn is free. She can see anything she wants. Self-pleasure will help her forget.

See, I just saved the world.


Umm . . . Fisherman, you're in the wrong forum

Hi Fisherman,

This site is not about guilt. Check it out. Browse it for a while. The only time guilt is mentioned is to dispel it. If you're looking for religious fundamentalists who claim that porn is a sin, this just isn't the place. On the other hand, if you want to understand how the makers of porn are manipulating your brain chemistry, please join the conversation.

Porn is addictive. If you don't think so, try going without for 2 weeks. You don't have to tell anyone but yourself. Just try the experiment and see. If you can go 2 weeks, then more power to you. If you can't, come back and join the talk. Nobody will throw any guilt at you. Just facts and understanding.

Oh, and if you think porn doesn't hurt anyone, do a little research into how the actors in films like Debbie Does Dallas are treated. It messes them up too.


[Edit - Poet sheepishly withdraws his comment. He didn't detect the note of irony in Fisherman's voice.]

Fisherman - Ha ha ha!

You crack me up. Brilliant.

Gary often says, "If the sexologists were right, then porn addicts would be the happiest, healthiest people on earth...and every john would be in love with his hooker." Wink

I couldn't get this posted in the right place. Sad


Right now, 40% of porn users are having heaven on earth.
And so are drug addicts, smokers, alcoholics etc.

I tend to agree

despite the fact that I was never hit with a porn addiction. For me, use was to drive the addiction to my spouse out of my head for a while - to stop eating myself alive with what was I doing wrong/not doing, why didn't she want me like I wanted her, etc. I would use porn during those occasional opportune moments, pre-kids, of having the place to myself for a day or two, and the porn would simply be an immediate retrigger, keep me going, so that I could try to overindulge and solo orgasm her out of my head. Epic fail. I have no doubt that it is perhaps the ultimate, strongest addiction of all. A lot cheaper (in most cases) than drugs or alcohol or even tobacco any more.

I agree with the

I agree with the Fisherman´s irony. I even understand why the porn industry get´s help from the state when in financial difficulty = it´s a matter of public health.


And think of all the

And think of all the investment portfolios that would go broke overnight if everyone got a handle on their addictions...Wall Street would have a cow }:)

"Cupid" is a deliciously subversive book.

I'm glad porn is legal even if abused;


I don't have an addiction to porn but I have on occasion over-indulged; like eating or sleeping, sometimes too much is a bad thing. Well, most of the time, too much is a bad thing.

That being said, I'm glad porn is legal. It is nice that the female form is so readily available for one's appreciation. And, I find something so mystical about watching a woman orgasm. It is something so very beautiful (even if potentially problematic for her brain chemistry). I can't quite put a handle on what it is about it but "I know it when I see it."

Unfortunately, porn has not evolved enough where they have couples practicing kazazza together or men showing us all how they reserve orgasm or have multiple orgasms. That would be most appeciated. Educational DVDs. Just kidding.

I am being positive; I do understand people do have issues with porn and controlling their behavior. I don't want to minimize that or glorify pornography. However, again, there is something special about it that I can't quite put into words.

P.S. I have not orgasmed in almost 2 weeks nor looked a porn for about a week so the next best thing is writing about it. Ha Ha Ha Ya Ya Ya

Sounds like

you're just having too much fun. Wink

I suppose it's not surprising that watching/causing someone to orgasm is a neurochemical rush. Delicious, impulsive sex favors reproduction.

I was just thinking earlier: "What if, instead of an orgasm, sexual arousal produced a "climax" only in the form of a giant, delicious chocolate sundae with loads of high-fructose corn syrup in it?"

We'd all still love 'em. But we'd also figure out pretty quickly that there are after effects, including feelings of "not wanting another bite" for a while, and quickly we'd each learn how frequently we want one, given the trade offs.

The same thing would happen with orgasm if we clearly connected cause with effect...and if our sneaky limbic systems hadn't tried to ensure that we would never pass up a novel partner. It's the addition of that Coolidge effect program that can override our satisfaction mechanisms and lead to bingeing.

I agree that censorship is not helpful. Thinking "super sundae," on the other hand....

Believe me I know what you

Believe me I know what you mean. There is a website that has videos of women having orgasms and all they show are there faces. I had hundreds of those vids. I have deleted them all and I am not going back to that site or get them again. There is something to it that is almost spiritual though.

I think I am getting much better I can talk about porn in such a way now and not just get angry. I still think it is best to never look at it. I will continue to believe that. there is nothing good really to come from it. At least not for me. I can never view it again. I can not control myself. It is like drinking or smoking. You can not go back and have just one drink or just one cigarette it just does not work that way. Same with me. I could not go back and look at just one vid I would be in a binge state in no time.

So yeah looking at porn makes you feel "good". the cost is too high for me though and a lot of other guys. so I will stay away and recommend staying away for everyone else also.