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I'm 17 days in to no orgasm. It's not been easy - I find myself somewhat sexually obsessed, and not havng a partner, it's difficult to get "porn" images out of my mind. Also, I live in the sex capital of the world - Pattaya, Thailand. Just to defend myself, sex isn't why I came to live here!

I want to report a very interesting effect: I've noticed time slowing down since I started this practice. Something that happened two days ago, seems like a week ago! I'd really like to know if anybody else has had this experience.

Perhaps this is related to the general feeling of recreating a teenage or youthful frame of mind that is the result of this practice... Maybe constant low-grade orgasms distort our subjective sense of time.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure enjoying the increase in the quality of my life that this practice has brought me so quickly.

Thanks Marnia!


After reading your post I thought about my own remarks about time when I was speaking to my friend last night. Now that I look at it more I think I have experienced a little of what you are talking about. I am not sure it is the addiction itself. I think it may just be all the intense stuff going on in our heads. I have had moments feeling like I can not slow things down and they are going to fast. That was what I was talking about last night. But looking back now I can remember looking at the calendar and thinking it should be like days past my last orgasm and I have not put an X down for day 1 yet. I guess our perception of time gets distorted all the time. With all the stuff trying to stop this addiction causes to happen in he mind I am sure what your feeling is "real". I really hope that when I get in balance from all of this my time sense does slow down more. I have been on the other side a lot. I have felt that time is slipping away so fast and I can not slow it down.

I am not sure about a teenage from of mind but my body seems to be trying to get back to that state.

Glad to hear your quality of life has increased :).

be safe

Welcome, Halo!

Congratulations on your progress. I do think inner equilibrium has something to do with how we experience time. I've noticed that since I've been using this practice, there seems to be time for everything I need/want to do. And after the occasional inadvertent orgasm, that "flow" is temporarily lost. It's a bit disorienting to have to struggle to get things done. Smile

Blog if you like.

I feel

that effect is due to being more present, since we are not so future-driven (ie always craving the next 'hit' of O). Maybe also that our rate of spiritual growth is faster, and what would normally take a month might be achieved and integrated in a day (hence the feeling of having lived through so much, even though only a few days have just passed). Just some ideas.

I have been wondering about

I have been wondering about the sense of time dilation possibly having to do with being at a somewhat higher vibratory level, which would tie in with the faster rate of spiritual growth and faster integration time.

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