Could there be a print function?

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I've been wondering if there could be a way to print out people's posts, because sometimes they are so full of wisdom and experience I'd like to keep them, or give them to my husband to read. Perhaps there is a way to do that without having a print function, but I am a computer dunce.

check your browser menus

If you're using a proprietary browser, I cannot help you. But any browser should have a 'print' menu item. If your operating system is properly configured, any web page can be printed.

Printer friendly option...

is what I guess she wants.....the kind that gets the text out without having to print all the images....well of course something is better than nothing so the browser function should work fine for now...

One option in the meantime

One option in the meantime is to "right click" and choose "select all"
and "copy" on the stream of thought you want to save. Then minimize
the screen, go to the desktop, do a "right click" and choose "New" and
then choose "Text document". After you create a text document, open it
and click "paste". Then key "ctrl" and "s" at the same time to save it.
(bottom left on keyboard) Highlight and delete any of the text you don't
want and key "ctrl" and "s" again each time you edit it.

The beauty is that you don't need MS Word or any word processing program
to create and save a text file -- it is part of the operating system. The text
files transfer easily to a flash drive and you can read your own or other's
posts at work even without internet access -- all you need is a USB port.
And you save trees !!

Can anybody help ?

The site design (theme) include a print.css. This special .css file is read by standard-compliant browsers and printers and is supposed to get rid of all the cruft in a web page, before printing.


1) Are your operating systems / browsers standard compliant?

2) I personally do not own a printer (I am saving trees and eat beavers for breakfast), so I cannot test anything in this regard. Should the current print media .css file be insufficient, maybe a knowledgeable member of this community could offer an additional .css file to add to this site's theme, to adequately enhance the printed result.

3) Any person who is willing to contribute anything to the Reuniting project as a whole is encouraged to make a proper use of this wiki page:
It could be used, for example, for listing members who have special competences, so that we can call upon them when need arises.

I am using firefox 3.0.13.

I am using firefox 3.0.13. When I hit print preview from the file menu every thing seems to look ok for printing. I do not have a printer hooked up right now. I will get one hooked up as soon as I can. see how it prints. but it looks fine on the preview. None of the side menus. just the text in the post.

I should say I am also using Linux as my OS (operating system). I will check on windows and IE when I can, see if it shows up right there also


for jumping in, James. I'm bad about testing and have stopped using Firefox because it was loading too slowly some months back. Now I can't figure out how to move my bookmarks back to it. *sigh* Anyway, I'm a bad "tester."

I enjoy

making lists like that ...or taking notice as to who has what talent...ect... gift.

What exactly would I be compiling and how do I get this info and then where do I put it?



Hey Daffy, so nice having you around here
I posted about EFT and didn't credit you, sorry, meant to, but forgot by the time I got to the end of the post.
How about EFT for Sapphire's mom?
[quote]What exactly would I be compiling and how do I get this info and then where do I put it?[/quote]I'm not sure what you are asking. I open my word processing app. (Word Perfect), a file called Reuniting. I highlite and Edit/Copy what I want from here. Go to the WP doc, put a date on the top of the page and Paste the gems there. So it's not organized by topic, person or anything other than the date I was inspired by it. I love the Tracking function here for checking up on individuals.
Are you home? you mentioned your mom...
Luvs and hugs


Thank you AC, that was very nice of you to say. I feel very at home here.
Where did you post about EFT? I'm honestly NOT getting the hang of this organizational thing. I'm not sure why, but...I'm not stupid, I just can't 'see' what people are talking about yet. So where did you post about EFT and how do we get to those threads we are making? So you work on things you see here and put them into a word document the "gems" as you say. Ok.

Yes, I'm home now.
Love to you and a Big Hugs, DD

A for Apple, P pour Pomme

[quote=Daffy Duck]making lists like that ...or taking notice as to who has what talent...ect... gift.

What exactly would I be compiling and how do I get this info and then where do I put it?


Hi Daffy Croc' the Bear! Wink

Thanks for offering to help :) I was starting to despair that anybody would.

I am currently discussing with Marnia on the best way to expand the wiki section. The advantage of wiki articles, is that they don't need to be perfect to start with. Just start anywhere and allow time, with the cooperation of the whole community, to improve the article.

Allow me to teach you some French. :) Apple in French is pomme. The French wikipedia article for pomme is famous for how it started. Have a look at the current version of the article. It looks impressive and incredibly complete/complex, with illustrations, pictures, tables, statistics, recipes, chemical composition, references, links etc.
Yet, it started very simply. The very first version simply read:

Une pomme est un fruit.

meaning, as you may have guessed:

An apple is a fruit.

(Now, class, reepeet aftehr mee: U-ne pom-me est un fru-it. VoilĂ ! Veeree goode. Youre Frrench is neerrlee pehrfekte! )

For comparison, look at the English article for apple:
and the earliest version still available today (though probably not the very first version):

All this to say, it is enough to start somewhere, occasionally rally the troops to help a little here and there.... and voilĂ ! We end up with the best wiki on the web! (oh, well, the second best, maybe).

(Hmmm.... all this started as a simple reply to Daffy, but I am obviously addressing everybody, here.)

So basically, take the various wiki pages I am creating here and there, and run with them! Do what you feel you can do with them.

Hmmmm... what was your question again?

[quote=Daffy Duck]making lists like that ...or taking notice as to who has what talent...ect... gift.

What exactly would I be compiling and how do I get this info and then where do I put it?


Oh, yes! I remember.

Where to put the information?
What about here? (or shall we create another wiki page for that?)

Where to get the information from?
Simply glean it here and there, as you browse the numerous comments posted daily on this web site.

Ask other members to contribute what they can.

The idea of compiling a list of members with special competence was simply an idea in passing. I thought it could be a nice thing to have, but maybe not.

It's up to all of you, really.

Why Wiki?

Just wondering. (Oh and thank you veeereee for the French lesson!) Ha, HA.

But Why Wiki? Are you talking about Wikipedia pages? Yes. I've gathered that.

Why the Wiki form of organization? Isn't Wiki already organized into it's format and includes sooo much more that the specifics of this site? I mean, this might be my Libra coming out in me but you already have a site with tons of information in it. I would love to help organize this community of information and feel somewhat "creativity deprived" putting it into an already set Wiki article format. But anyway... not to say that I couldn't get excited "in my own way" about organizing the information in that format as I learned more about it but I'm still wondering ..."why wiki". Maybe once you clarify, I'll understand.

As far as the organization of.... how did you put it?

"The idea of compiling a list of members with special competence was simply an idea in passing. I thought it could be a nice thing to have, but maybe not."

I'm saying this for a reason, to express something of my creative preferences... but what YOU suggest here is very much appealing to my sense of creativity and organization. So. I will let you know what I think of this "list" formation from my perspective. I think James' pictures was a good one and I think that organizing links for specific purposes like relaxation, mindfulness, things to do with our idol time in light of getting connected "What works for us"... type thing, Reports on specifically what helps each person. So... I don't know what I'm saying fully, but all the info is right in here already and in what people say/talk about.

OK. I'm not sure I made sense. I like the organization that you thought of. It's right along my line of thinking.

DD (more later)

what's a wiki


DD told me that CF explained to her the whole wiki concept. So she got her questions answered.

I reply here for everybody's sake.

A wiki is a generic concept created in 1994. The very first wiki software was created in 1995. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and used its own wiki software called MediaWiki. is using another software, which offers some wiki-like functionality: all the members can edit the 'wiki pages' created on this site.

Marnia and myself agreed to enhance the wiki functionality of this site. We made a couple of little changes to allow the whole community to organize itself:

- you'll find a convenient link at the very top of each page, in the primary link menu, linking to the brand new wiki home page:

- All regular members can now create new wiki pages, as they see fit. Use this to create new articles and organize any kind of resources that you want.

- You can appropriately tag each wiki page using a taxonomy that is separate from the 'community topic' taxonomy that you see when you create a new forum post or blog post. Thus you can categorize and group various wiki pages together.

- More functionality may come later, however those require to upgrade the whole website which is a major undertaking. So, it may take a while...

Now, do of all this what you want :)

How Many Times Can I Read My Post

and still find errors?
I'm using Internet Explorer
Highlite the text I want
And that's what I get
If I chose "All" instead of "Selection" It prints all of the center stuff (including "Reuniting Healing....), not the Left sidebar or Psyche's kiss or the navigation buttons
I have a folder (Reuniting) where I cut and paste cool stuff to....way too much to print.