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For the record

Sent by a male or not, and Marnia's "wacky" sense of humor not withstanding, for the record, I would like to say that I am one woman who doesn't think this cartoon is funny, and I dont care what anyone else thinks about me because of it.

Living well is the best revenge *evil grin*

I have an excellent sense of

I have an excellent sense of humor, Poet *evil grin*, but I also have sons and a father, as well as a husband and male aquaintances, and I don't think I would be honoring them to think of them as thinking with their glans.

Living well is the best revenge *evil grin*

It's shankar pinda

It is the Indian god called "shankar (Shiva)".. he is supposed to be one of the 3 main gods... It's not that I care about it. But I didn't get what's funny about it either.

is it really a phallic symbol?

It is the Indian god called "shankar (Shiva)".. he is supposed to be one of the 3 main gods... It's not that I care about it. But I didn't get what's funny about it either.[/quote]
True...I didnt see humor in that..except probably in a crude way :) ....by the way I was looking up the resources and found that there is not enough consensus even within the Indian community on it being a Phallic symbol......there seems to be many reasons against it...the god Shiva is supposed to be the god of destruction ...who even in a fit of rage burnt down Cupid (his equivalent in Hindu myths that is).....seems implausible then that his symbol would have anything to do with creativity....of course there are tons of counter arguments too...(not really interested in them)...just want to suggest that alternative explanations exists....anyway I digress...I am here to cure my porn/masturbation addiction and have been getting a lot of help from the forums ...so I will stick to that in future...


It is definitely not a phallic symbol.
It is very respected god in Indian culture & it is believed that his wrath is worse than any other god.. His wrath has potential of ending entire universe.
I am not much into religious things.. all this knowledge is written in Sanskrit which is very rich language in which every word has many meanings & every meaning has many corresponding words & it tries to express everything in poem like form... supposed to be a language that gods speak & it is only understood by brainy people... I just hate it!
Many people seriously believe our ancestors were much more developed than today.... they were having nuclear weapons, were capable of time travel & telepathy, they were capable of leaving their bodies & travel anywhere as souls!
They claim that every discovery in science today is actually stolen from our ancient knowledge... I find nothing but pure pity for these people.!!

I have studied

I have studied Sanskrit for 3 years as it was there in my school syllabus & I must say I have never seen richer language than this.. It is the laguage from which hindi, marathi & many Indian languages originated.... You can find many artistic uses of that language ... It is the language in which all the vedas.. including Ayurveda is written ( Ayurveda is alwas wonders me.. it 90% matches with current medical science!!)
Also, I find many similarities in english & sanskrit which nobody is able to explain me...
for example, mother is called "matru", brother is called "Bhratru", father is called "pitru" etc . there are many phrases which are just like word-to-word translation in English-Marathi-Sanskrit .... That time there was no communication between Europe & India ... thousands of years ago... really strange.
Many stories also match ... for e.g. The Iliad : Mahabharata (Both are written in poetic form) etc.

I love

reminders like this about the wisdom of the past. Thanks for an insider's perspective, both the good and the bad...and the unexplained mysteries.