Predicting compulsive Internet use - its all about sex!

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Okay, it's obvious, and from 2006, but still, it's good to see researchers are digging.

The objective of this research was to assess the predictive power of various Internet applications on the development of compulsive Internet use (CIU). The study has a two-wave longitudinal design with an interval of 1 year. The first measurement contained 447 adult heavy Internet users who used the Internet at least 16 h per week and had Internet access at home for at least 1 year. For the second measurement, all participants were invited again, of whom 229 responded. By means of an online questionnaire, the respondents were asked about the time spent on various Internet applications and CIU. On a cross-sectional basis, gaming and erotica seem the most important Internet applications related to CIU. On a longitudinal basis, spending a lot of time on erotica predicted an increase in CIU 1 year later. The addictive potential of the different applications varies; erotica appears to have the highest potential.

Cyberpsychol Behav. 2006 Feb;9(1):95-103.
Meerkerk GJ, Van Den Eijnden RJ, Garretsen HF.
IVO, Addiction Research Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

hmm... It's obvious

The moment I got Internet, I got addicted to it!
For last 4 years, I have been using Internet for 5 hrs/day (Average)... & 15 hrs/day on holidays... But 2 years were without any pornography.. I was just visiting howstuffworks,wikipedia etc. .. so basically I was addicted to knowledge.
I was able to see remarkable change in myself .. I know many people who use Internet compulsively, but I can see no positive changes in them.. rather it's often negative.. so pornography is obvious answer.
For some people Internet = pornography!
Although social networking sites are changing the trend now.


we are on computer too much, too, in my opinion. But we're also careful about taking daily walks, doing qi gong and stretching every day. They help.

Still, we often ask ourselves...if our bodies and brains evolved as can it be right to spend so many hours staring at a screen??

I always feel like I am

I always feel like I am looking for something while on the internet. I never find it but I am always looking. That is what hunter-gatherers were designed to do right look for things. Like I said though never find "it" cause I guess it is not on the net.