Is this website about abstaining from orgasm

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my mate told me this site is about abstaining from orgasm, well is it?

I have not been here as long

I have not been here as long as some of the others, but I would say it is about alot of things...avoiding orgasm, yes, but also about porn addiction recovery and marriage repair, to name a couple of other things.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you }:)

This site is about

the effects of sex on the brain - and how exhausting sexual desire can speed habituation between lovers. It's about bonding behaviors and their power to make union more effortless. It's about ancient, and not-so-ancient, traditions that recommended the careful management of sexual energy (including making love without the goal of orgasm). It's about helping men who have become hooked on porn to rewire their brains. And probably some other things, too. Smile


To answer your question:

This web site is not specifically about abstaining from orgasm. It does inform you about the effects of orgasm and many people choose to abstain, particularly from the self-inflicted kind. Wink

There are also tips about substituting orgasm with different bonding behavior, since orgasm does not always lead to intimacy.

I, myself, do not abstain from orgasm, nor do I have plans to. This web site and the people on it have been very helpful to me in so many other ways.