Wed dreams with no sperm?

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I just had a wet dream, but It was just semen! No sperms!
How is this possible?
Well I was on my 46th day of no orgasms.
I think the two weeks period is for mice (As this research was conducted on mice) & men recover quicker than mice.
I just wanted to know what happens during wet dreams??
Is it orgasm in sleep or just ejaculation?
I mean... do wet dreams create same change in dopamine, oxytocin as they are caused by orgasms?
If they cause the same change, I will try to avoid wet dreams.
Otherwise, I won't care much about wet dreams in future.

No good answers

available yet. What really matters is how they affect *you* (or not). People here have reported a range of experiences. Let us know what you observe.

Just to give you some details, the mice could recover enough to "do it" if presented with novel mates. They just weren't back to their full libido for 15 days.

We suspect that this is why men get confused. With Internet porn (or even a vivid imagination), they can find a novel mate anytime. Wink This may result in a false impression. That is, they may be able to ejaculate no problem, and yet not be back to equilibrium at a brain chemical level. This imbalance can lead to escalation..and further imbalance...without their even suspecting what's happening.

Congratulations on your progress!


Hi anonymous,

How did you collect it? And what magnification did you use?

Love to hear from you?

My idea is that wet dream is natural and sperms are not release during that period. It is only through voluntary one - masturbation or sex.

I had second one!!

Now I am starting to worry about this..
This has never happened with me before.
I started watching porn/masturbating when I was 16 (Very late than normal people)..
Before that, I used to have wet dreams but never with this frequency.. there was a gap of at leas 2 months between wet dreams & usually it was 6 months gap!
Two nights in a row is not usual..
Does that mean my PC muscles are getting weak due to no masturbation (Masturbation is like exercise for PC muscles)
My idea is that wet dream is natural and sperms are not release during that period. It is only through voluntary one - masturbation or sex.
I am assuming the same thing that sperms are not released through wet dreams.. but when I Google it, I don't find any matching results

It did not have any negative impact on me...
I remember people stating that they feel a lot happier for some days after they had sex! (Opposite of what we discuss here)
Yesterday's wet dream caused same effect on me!
I was confident & social like never before ... I just woke up today, so I'll observer what I feel today & reply here..
I have always heard that orgasms make us happy because endorphins are released during orgasms which are happiness hormones..
I think 47 days of abstinence is too much for me as my body learned to produce more sperms/semen as I masturbated regularly for 4 years & it caused "overflow"
Now I am starting to think this is what "keeping the balance is all about!" ...
things in balance, make you feel good!
I think it's a good thing it is just a semen because that means, sperms are being reabsorbed by the body! ... Semen is secreted during sexual excitement so this may have caused "overflow" as my brain learned how to get excited quickly in these years so I'll continue with the abstinence to weaken these neural paths ( like it is mentioned in "A Brain that changes itself " )
I would love to hear your opinion about this readers!
Have a nice day! :)

I think I made it about the

I think I made it about the same amount of days around 47 or so and the same thing happened to me. Not sure if that is too many days. I think one can go further and further the more you try. Now the question is would you want to go for ever ? I do not think most of us want that. I am not sure how to proceed myself. Finding that balance as you say is what I am seeking. I really want to find that.
Thanks for sharing your experience it helps.

I will do as you are doing and continue the process to weaken the hold those pathways have on me also. I need to weaken them as much as possible I think before I can move on.

Wonder if we can get a list of how often a few of or many of us have wet dreams of any kind. Might be an interesting list. See if there are any patterns or anything. It is all probably random for the most part. Would still be an interesting list.


That's quite an accomplishment. It does sound like you're finding out what balance means for you...or else your body is urging you to find a sweetheart. Smile Keep watching your mood, and give us a report in a few days, too. OK?

_____Its normal_____

Hi anonymous,

Just relax and everything would be alright. I was like you who have been alarmed by experiencing wet dreams so often. Sometimes it happens two times in a single night. But later, i found out that it was normal.

Like you, i tried sex abstinence for long periods of time - 7 months. During this period, i am oftenly visited by it mostly every after 4-5 weeks. I always feel refreshed after its occurrence.

It has been also said that Brahmacahri Yogis has this wet dreams monthly and they used to call it 'Man's cycle'..

Here is a good site for you -

hope it helps..


I experienced last night two such dreams. However, I don't know if I'd call them "wet." I'm a little unsure of what people are meaning by that term all the time, although it does appear you are speaking about actual ejaculation of some sort, even if sperm are not that present.

But so far, any dream I've ever had where I orgasmed, I didn't ejaculate anything. I think I mentioned in another thread that it had happened once to me that I recall, when I was a teen. Well, last night it happened twice. I don't recall specifically the pleasure part of it so much, though I suppose that was there, but more that I didn't have anywhere to put it, so I ran around trying to find a bathroom while I held it in my hand. And of course I couldn't find a bathroom or toilet paper. Dreams can be weird.

Anyway, I attribute this sudden instance of dream orgasm to the increase of L-Dopa creating dopamine I took of late. We'll see if it continues. But while I have orgasms in dreams, I've yet to ever have a wet dream, where I wake up and find I've ejaculated anything.

For some reason

this dream just seems so...human to me. Smile Imagine your poor brain trying to wrap itself around a new level of sexual self-control! "Huh???"

It's so tricky to experiment with greater control...without getting thrown into unhelpful, rigid repression thoughts. That's why I say, "you have to tiptoe around your limbic system" if you want to experiment with this. Fighting it can be counterproductive...although porn recovery can require a period of strong self-control - preferably in the nature of a scientific experiment, rather than as a "weakness-strength" or "right-wrong" issue.

Maybe it's best to think of this shift like a dietary change. If you want off refined sugar, or off of coffee, it will take enormous willpower at first, and the self-denial will be agonizing. Later on, it's pretty easy to stay on your revised diet...and even the occasional "treat" won't throw you back into aching cravings. In fact, you may appreciate even a small treat more because your brain is more sensitive. At the same time, you may find your tastes actually shift. Some things actually taste too sweet to me now, for example.

This is a really interesting thread

It's encouraging to hear that some of you experience these dreams as "refreshing." Others definitely notice that they cause "hangovers." For example, the founder of the POIS forum just mentioned the other day that men there often report very strong, lingering "hangover" symptoms after nocturnal emissions.

Could one factor be state-of-equilibrium in the limbic system? That is, as balance returns (by staying off intense stimulation), the symptoms decrease...until an emission is basically just "spring cleaning" from time to time. Smile

I've also sometimes wondered if "poor me" thinking, which might enhance moody neurochemical disequilibrium, contributes to the phenomenon of dream orgasms, and perhaps to the degree of hangover as well. Women have them, too.

Any thoughts anyone?

What made you think of

the "poor me" thinking? Interesting, as I may have a lot of self-pity and when abstinent I definitely get wet dreams, sometimes two in one night and both are definitely wet. Heck, I have even had them with my girlfriend in the bed next to me on a night where I may have gotten a little too intense but did not have an orgasm. I have had a few waking orgasms in the last month so I have not had any wet dreams.
So, from a Spiritual perspective I am not sure there really is any benefit to abstaining if you have wet dreams anyway. The key would be balance though, and proceeding from the intention of Loving not getting or wanting, which heck, may even help with mood and certain post orgasm blues which could also just be guilt or other factors in disguise. Maybe even how one is holding sex in the mind, such as God does not approve or it is "wrong".
One interesting link is with other body functions. I recall, sometimes after I had too much alchohol I would have intense dreams of me dashing to the fridge and guzzling down water or ice tea. I would often wake to the dream and be so thirsty, I would just say that is the minds way of telling you to drink some water. So, maybe it is the same here, telling us to find a sweetheart as Marnia says.
Once Karezza is in full practice it will be interesting to see if one still has wet dreams even after abstaining from orgasm after long periods. If one does not have wet dreams, then maybe Karezza is fulfilling some psychological need linked to orgasm which satisfy it with no need from the mind to seek ejaculation via a wet dream. That would be cool for those that think keeping the seed is the goal or not going too close to orgasm in order to keep more of a balance.

It would be nice

to know more. The "poor me" idea is just a theory that occurred to me a month or so ago. I have a female friend who has been plagued by dream orgasms, and she has also spent a lot of time feeling sorry for herself. Sad Then I once had one myself and I realized that the night before it I had been feeling kind of sorry for myself for no real reason. And so I'm curious whether anyone else has noticed that pattern. I might add that my friend now has a sweetheart and dream orgasms have stopped. Smile

Another theory is that when you can't fully embrace your beloved, it can cause "sparks" - kind of like two loose electrical wires that would make a complete circuit if united.

Anyway, let us know what changes lead to a decrease.

Well, last night

I was with my girl and we had sex. I have been overly anxious but that has been subsiding (I think because of performance anxiety). Anyway, I was trying to do Karezza but I think I was still too focused on myself and not enough on her and being selfless about the experience.
Also, I am told just to focus on how much fun you are having with the experience, instead of any details, such as maintaining an erection, pleasing her enough, which seems to spawn insecurities and can affect the experience including losing ones erection.
We had sex for quite a while (in fact she thanked me for "doing it" for so long, which was a confidence boost), and I came very close to orgasm a couple of times, which seemed to create blue balls. It was enjoyable and I thought I even had a mini orgasm but when I checked the condom there was very little fluid, and I think most of it was pre-cum. Also, since I was able to maintain an erection after these so called mini-orgasms, I do not think they were really orgasms because I would have lost my erection after that, at least that is what has happened in the past and should happen from what I understand.
Anyway, I ended up having a dream orgasm a few hours later which I was surprised by. I am not sure why it happened. Maybe I went too close to the edge too many times and got myself too worked up without having an orgasm. I did use some cold water for a while after the sex but still a few hours later the dream orgasm. Since I have not had a dream orgasm in a while but have either practiced Karezza or actually had an orgasm, it makes me think that going too close to the edge and then denial of the orgasm made the dream orgasm occur.
Since I am overcoming my anxieties about intimacy and seem to be performing well with regards to getting and maintaining an erection, which seems to be linked to how relaxed I can be and my attitude toward the experience (fun vs. too serious like I have to do it right or I am no good), I am looking forward to not approaching the edge as much and just having a pleasurable Karezza exchange.

If I think of it

the poor me self pity attitude may have been running in the background somewhat. I think this is linked to an inferiority complex of some kind, of which couched in it is a sense of being "special" somehow, but in a sort of negative way. The poor me can feel special in that it can't seem to please others or myself. But, I am working on that, as well as counteracting it with humorous exaggeration. The whole thing is somewhat narcissistic in that the focus is so much on "me" and all the nonsense around that. That is another reason I like Karezza because over time the really good feelings happen in a state of calm, non-doing where there is stillness and the me seems to disappear, which leaves a pleasurable, selfless exchange. Besides, any worry, anxiety or self-pity has to be focused on a "me" so it is best perhaps to lose yourself in your partner and not even worry for a moment about how the next moment will turn out.


it's delightful to hear your good news. I'm really happy for you both.

Yeah, going near the edge seems to leave dopamine at uncomfortably high levels - and anything can happen. But hey, it's not surprising the first time you make love with a sweetheart!!! Sounds like you did a great job of steering for the middle ground, all things considered. Smile

It takes awhile to fine tune the practice. Now that you have all the raw materials in place, you can relax more and more into that peaceful place of 'being' instead of 'doing.' I was just reading in the Hanish material that he, too, recommended stopping well before the edge, as fighting yourself "at the edge" can strain your body (over time). He recommended slowing all movement to a stop to calm things.

Does your sweetheart know what you're up to? If so, how did you share the ideas with her? That seems to be a challenge for many here.

Thanks for the positive

feedback, it does help and I respect your knowledge on the subject. Even though I did go close to the edge and have had some orgasms over the last month I have been able to see some subtle differences in pleasurable feelings due to the approach.
For one, the most pleasurable and "sticky" feelings of Love definitely come from the "being" state as opposed to the "doing" state for me. The first I noticed this was via very still kissing. After I have been more and more comfortable with her and confident in myself, while kissing lips and being totally still, I noticed a very relaxed state come over me and then very pleasurable feelings. All along I had an erection but there was no cravingness involved, only really pleasurable loving feelings. Almost like what I wanted or needed did not matter in the state of being still, while kissing, and I only cared about her. Ironically, erections seem to be even more potent in this state, which is funny and paradoxical to the mind that worries about having one that is hard enough. It truly seems that the more relaxed and loving I am in the moment the body just takes care of itself without need for the thinking mind, which only seems to interfere.
This feeling then continued in the bedroom and it allowed for the best connection yet from a sexual point, even though I was going very close to the edge. I feel that I am in the process of transferring the energy of wantingness which really causes anxiety to Lovingness which promotes the relaxation and even more potent erection. The key for me is to arrive at that state of relaxed Lovingness which does not necessarily occur for all people, and seems to for me only when I can let my guard down and feel very safe. For me, this means being with a woman who is caring and in no way controlling or dominating.

She does know what I am up to. I asked her to read Cupid and she did, and I told her plainly that I think many of my relationships have failed due to my sexual approach combined with the Coolidge effect and that I researched ways of avoiding that, as well as ways of making love that are more in line with my spiritual beliefs. She is very on board and I told her I am the "pilot" and she has been very supportive, and I think she is even a little worried that I may become habituated and leave the relationship if I have orgasms too often so she is even more willing to help and has even reminded me of that when I want to have an orgasm. I take this as she really cares about me and wants to be with me.
She is able to remain very still when we are making love which helps a lot, and I have already been adapting to that very well, especially with the Karezza intention. My last girlfriend was the opposite and I felt really inadequate with her because she always wanted to go at it in a very loud and crazy manner and I took that as a threat because I felt I could not provide that for her all the time, and, it was too much like hard work. In essence it affected my confidence and the quick orgasm pay off did not become worth the negative feelings that the act was bring on, especially post orgasm.
So, my mind then thought I would not be able to be man enough or satisfy her, which in thinking back was wrong and either way may be appropriate for some but not the path that I wanted to follow. The so called "hot" sex just led to frustration for me, feeling like I was being dominated and brought up fear of being overtaken by her in some ways as well as a defensive reaction because I assumed I would not be able to maintain this type of sex over time and be happy, nor make her happy.
This really made the Coolidge effect miserable with her, especially since she always wanted to lay on top of me after the act. I wanted to throw her off of me (and probably the bed to) and would have been happy for her to leave the house as soon as possible, but I just laid there and went numb inside or resisted and turned over on my side.
So, I can see now how all of this played in naturally to my negative perception that I projected onto her. Perhaps all along it was just the souls way of telling me that the approach is all wrong for the intentions I have set for my Spiritual evolution, hence the negative feelings. At least that is one way to re-frame it :)

Great feedback

It really helps to have a partner who's clear about the change in plans. Smile

I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for your past girlfriend, though. Boy, can I relate! I bet other women can, too. Especially today, women assume that their sweethearts *want* porn stars in the bedroom. After all, with so many men watching must be what you guys want, right? Wink

Porn is a masturbation aid. The goal is to get dopamine soaring as quickly as possible, to speed release. The tragic thing is that women don't realize that many men do not want to go *back* to old porn images. Porn users generally want new ones (more dopamine released to novelty). So by acting like porn stars, and draining their partners fast and furiously, women are often doing just what you say...speeding up the Coolidge Effect.

Worse yet, when we women do this, we are not really nourishing either partner's nervous system at the deep level intercourse evolved to nourish us pair bonders. So everyone can ends up less satisfied...just as you say. I guess the exception is if lovers really are using sex like masturbation. In that case, expectations would be met. But they're missing the deeper gifts of intimate union...and may just as well fly solo.

On another subject, I've just been reading an old book that talks about the benefits of learning to make love without orgasm (except when procreation is desired). It had an interesting segment with an idea I hadn't seen, except (sort of) in a Taoist lovemaking book. It said that lovers can change the dynamic between them on occasion. That is, if both would enjoy it, the man can choose to be more passive, and put the woman to work. Smile Hanish said the thing that's key is that one partner be active, and one passive. Both jumping around the bed in a frenzy "wastes the sexual magnetism", and both being too passive isn't so hot either. (The Taoist book recommended that if either partner is ill or tired, the other one take the more active role, and the other should remain passive.)

I just pass that on because I found it interesting. Anyone else have any thoughts on that one?

It's very cool that you're experiencing the gifts of "not doing." It doesn't come naturally, but when you experience's totally natural and effortless. Who would have thought??

wet dream

hello anonymous,

Just wanna ask if what is your mode of life when you have your wet dreams. Is it plain sex abstinence or the Tantric one ( with solo masturbation/sex but without ejaculation)?

Second, how can you say that it has no sperms, did you use microscope? How did you collect it?Cause sometimes, many mistake other components of the ejaculate like semen as sperms. Or maybe you just got the last drop.