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I'm in need of your wide learning.

A few months ago I was reading Steven Rhoads's Taking Sex Differences Seriously. Somewhere in passing (meaning in just a couple of lines) he says that boys who buy condoms rather than rely on free sources were much more consistent and correct in their use.

I have lost track of my notes and having looked though the book twice it seems this is a needle hiding in a gray rug. A try at google regular and g. scholar doesn't quite return what I'm seeking. I suspect I'm not getting the search terms right.

Any clues where else to look or more unique research terms to try?

Thx, Feng

decent research found

Stumbled upon "emotional intimacy" and some other search terms that turned up very relevant research. Here's some urls and quotes.


Available 2/21/10 at

Pg 4

Yet, only among boys is there a positive relationship between the number of
couple activities and the odds of using and consistently using contraception. A similar
relationship is not observed among sexually experienced girls in dating sexual relationships.

Check this out at the bottom of page 12

The one exception is that teens who have agreed that their dating relationships can be non-
monogamous experience 227% higher odds of consistent condom use. This subgroup of
teenagers are most likely accurately assessing their sexual risk and thus consistently using

Policy/Practice Implication, p 17

Sex education programs should include a greater focus on the relationship context of decision making. Many programs emphasize either abstinence or protection using contraception or condoms without much attention to relationships.

Emotional intimacy predicts condom use: findings in a group at high sexually transmitted disease risk [abstract]

International Journal of STD and AIDS. Available 2/21/10 at

Analysis showed that higher intimacy was related to greater condom use which was significant in men but not in women.

When you have time … these are fun to read …

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