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Recently I came upon a variety of information on self control; I hope that some of the information here is useful to you.

1. Self control has been proven (by neurologists) to be something that you can strengthen like a mental muscle, by gradually increasing the self control you exercise over time you can achieve greater self control, but its wise not to overdo it because...

2. Your self control is depleted whenever you exert it, so you will perform significantly worse on trials of self control that are close together. In the study I read it was shown that you could replenish your self control by drinking a glass of lemonade or by engaging in self affirmation of your values. It is most likely reasonable to say that there is nothing inherently special about lemonade, and since self affirmation also has the same effect I would guess that your self control replenishes when you feel rewarded (dopamine and whatnot).

3. You can also reduce the self control you exert by removing the various temptations in your environment that may be passively leeching your ability to resist temptation. Obvious examples of temptations would be food and pornography (or even fully clothed hotties)

Hopefully you will find this information useful in the future, I am sure you already intuitively knew most of it but it always helps to have science backing up intuition. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors whether they be self control related...or not.



...and two psychology today sources which I cannot for the life of me find at the moment >.>

1 and 2 I figured out

1 and 2 I figured out through my trials. It is good to have it written down for others to read though. thanks

Now number 2 I guess I was maybe aware of. That is going to be a hard one to deal with. I understand it though. I think it is what I run into with those mini binges I get in after weeks without giving in. It takes me a few days to gain control again.

Good information
Be Safe

I can relate

One, I'm feeling of late more control. I'll mention that more on my blog.

But I found the mention of not putting them close together interesting on a couple of points. One, that is much like exercising. I remember the plan for aerobic exercise was to do one day session of exercise, then take the next day off, then exercise the next day, etc. Because your muscles needed time to rebuild/grow. Exercise works by stressing the muscles, and that stress causes more muscle to grow in those areas, much like a cut in the skin will produce scar tissue.

Two, I've been doing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday abstinence for four weeks now. And it has surprisingly worked well so far. The big test will be next week when I abstain most all week. But working it on and off has seemed to paid off for me. More on my blog.