my goal - 40 days without ejaculation

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can i do it? will i go nuts? time will tell. i will b posting my progress frequently.

a bit about me, i'm 33 and practise taoist methods. i aim to go 40 days without ejaculation, not neessarily without maturbation. semen retention is what i will do, by using the perineum pressing method that worked for me in the past.

last week i did 7 days of it and this morning i felt so good and rock hard and so confident that i lost controlled and spilled :(

Day #1

Day #1

Feeling a bit dry and low on energy. Can't pull that happy go lucky feeling out of the hat yet.....
Came back from work and just felt like calling it a day and go to bed.....
not extremely exhausted but tired. I know i would feel a lot downer if i didn't go a 7 day semen retention before this round..

Also today's very low energy and mood may be caused by not eating well today. Went to work on empty stomach, had 2 cakes in office with some green tea, then lunch went to a fancy restaurant with the office to celebrate a colleague's 10 year working anniversary, and the serving in that restaurant was so incredibly small yet expensive. $19 for some raw fish entre that is 1/2 the size of my palm.......... Night, too tired to cook, just had 2 sausages and went to sleep. Woke up at 4am depressed and exhausted....

regards from my husband

Hi tshirt, although i am not a man, I went through this process with my husband once and supported him. I tell him what i read here. May I drop a couple of his tips? Not sure what tao practices you do but they tend to be only efficient when harmonized with other ways of tao healing otherwise they build up too much energy in you worsening the problem. 1. It is necessary to do physical exercise like tai ji or qi gong daily, or martial arts, which helps you clear up Microcosmic orbit and aura, it can take months. 2. Feel daily into your lower Dan Ten and condense the energy there. If you still feel uncomfortable, use the orbit again and again. You can extense its length with making an 8 shape - up the back, down the belly, down back side of your legs, up front side of your legs, up the back etc. This works well. 3. Cool down a little with eating less or no meat for some time, no alcohol and coffee, and eat mainly mild cooked food to harmonize your liver. Liver urges (with help of visual stimulation - eyes are connected with liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine) orgasms unrefined, stressful and angry - you know that feeling coming home after the row with the boss etc. 4. Meditate to be present.

Good luck to you!!!

HI Gaia, thanks for your

HI Gaia,
thanks for your post. I will remember to do some meditation and I like to do breathing standing meditation.

Ya, talk about liver urges, today I drove in peak traffic for 50 minutes in a rush, got so fed up, and some cars actually hogged the fast lane while not overtaking. The more you honk and flash them the slower they drive -on purpose! I gave quite a few people the finger because they deserved it! Ok, got to cool down a bit.

Yes i noticed if i drink too much black tea I get really hyped up and agitated, so got to cut that down. I'm taking green tea instead which is much lower in caffeine.

As for the taoist method, When I had a gf, I did semen retention for weeks, ie, made out with her but didn't ejaculate. It made me feel more balanced, less crazy about sex.

Now doing it alone I just have to control my focus, it gets easy when Im busy doing stuff and have no spare time to yearn for a girl's body.

Day #3

Day 3, not enough sleep last night. Woke up early today to go to airport to pick a relative up.

Due to not enough sleep, and very busy day today and yesterday, i got really fed up.Probably also liver energy flaring up cos looking at the pc till 1.30am last night.

Sleep is the only cure now.

hi i had too much workload


i had too much workload these days and my dad was asking me to help sort out his friend's messed up building contract. I was typing a long email to his friend's daughter to advice her what to do about the contract.

Feeeling somewhat better

Feeeling somewhat better today. After i drank the chinese flu herbal tea and wore my winter clothes in bed to make myself sweat. Once the sweat comes out, the fever and body ache disappears immediately. still feeling kinda weak tho

You know...

a number of people report flu-like symptoms when they go through withdrawal. I always it a bug, or part of the process of returning to equilibrium (for some people)?

Glad you're bouncing back.

I;m sure this time's flu was

I;m sure this time's flu was due to overwork, stress, not enough sleep. My boss started coughing in the office on thursday and me too. TUrn out it's a throat infection, lots of flem with the cough. I went to the city yesterday, seems like many people got the cough, really bad sounding chesty ones too, due to winter coming (australia).

Anyway, today is my 6th day, and feel slightly better. Still a bit of cough and fever. General weakness. But my eyes and face have this energy in it showing vitality.

I;ve been sleeping the whole day, my body was tired from the flu, but my mind is alert.

Day #10

feeling much better from the flu today. I developed a cough since the flu last week, today its lessening.

Surprised today is already day 10!!
I'm still Master of my Domain!!! lol!

on abstinence, flu and general health

Hi there,

I was intrigued to read about possible effects of withdrawal resulting in physical ailments. I used some form of porn from a very young age, with hardcore porn being almost a daily indulgence from the age of 12. For most of my life, (i'm in my late 20s now) therefore, sex was all about masturbating to an image.

About a month ago, I decided to abstain, and I succeeded for 3 full weeks. It was a time where I felt I was living life to the full, started exercising regularly again, and focusing more on my work and studies. I felt most of the withdrawal effects mentioned in this website, but I could say they subsided within 8-10days and I was also cured of my chronic insomnia.

At the end of the 3rd week of abstinence however, I started feeling strong heart palpitations, also linked with general feelings of anxiety. I am a health professional, and I knew it was nothing serious, but upon becoming increasingly frequent, I started worrying. Through some possibly ingrained ideas I had, I decided to think that lack of masturbation could be causing a shift in my autonomic nervous system, so I decided to masturbate in order to 'cure' these symptoms. I was not particularly thrilled by it, and I thought this would just be an experiment to see whether the palpitations would subside. They did in some way (they allowed me to go back to sleep) but in the end I decided to go to get a check from hospital.

I am now on medication for the palpitations and back to masturbating to porn regularly (and excessively, just like before). My feelings of excitement and passion for what i was doing in life (which shot up during the time i was abstaining) have gone to a record low, and I feel more miserable than ever before.

I'm also thinking about the fact that the palpitations were a response for the positive feelings of the excitement, joy and passion which came to me with a bang... just my heart couldn't handle them?

Could it be that I was numbing myself so much with porn throughout my whole life that when I let the energy flow, it just came out uncontrollably?

Any thoughts appreciated. I am determined to abstain from porn and masturbation again.. will be back for more inspiration.


That is quite a story

My mom was given heart palpitation meds and she said she didn't "feel like herself."

Have you tried daily meditation? Or some of the solo practices (see Wiki page)? Both are ways to cope with the rebound in energy that you felt, perhaps.

Don't worry. You'll crack the code, whatever it takes. Blog if you like.

I also feel like this for a

I also feel like this for a certain period of time when I abstain, maybe for 2-3 days and then they go away. I think a form of meditation would be very helpful as Marnia suggested. I do a form of qigong myself which is very helpful.

does your heart palpitations

does your heart palpitations come after you masturbate (without ejaculation)?

If you check out Dr Stephen Chang's book, the male equipment is divided into zones, sort of like reflexology zones. If you masturbate with arousing the upper part of the equipment, it will make your heart beat go very fast(heart), short of breath (lungs) because it overstimulates the meridians of those organs. Dr Chang recounted there was once a man went to the doctor because of a heart attack, and upon questioning what he was doing when the heart attack came, he said his wife was stimulating his organ orally. Dr Chang advice men that for sex and arousal, it is better to focus on the lower part of the length of the equipment, or stimulate the whole length to get a balance of stimulation to all organs. The lower part of the shaft will stimulate the kidneys (water element) which will balance off the heart(fire).

I admit I did try the

I admit I did try the meditation only at the very beginning, when the craving to watch porn was highest. I stopped practising it when I felt i got used to living without porn.. I'll definitely keep it regular from now onwards and i'll let you know how it goes.

Regarding the meds... yes I do get that strange feeling of not being myself as well... I feel a strange kind of alertness coupled with tiredness.. not sure if that makes sense :)

many thanks for the encouragement. I felt much more positive today already!

Hi all, to report my

Hi all, to report my progress, I actually spilled on day 14, because my flu and cough got me really run down and depressed.

I restarted the cycle again and went for 7 days, but this time i had a sexual encounter which made me finish the cycle. I did notice my performance in bed was very powerful because of 7 days retention.

Yesterday while I think back to my past, I recalled I started masturbating at age 13 when I hit puberty. At age 12 I was the top 3 student in my school, and I did it almost in an easygoing way without much effort. At age 13, I still did quite well, didn't feel the sexual exhaustion yet. At 14 - 15, i was still doing well, but with slightly more effort. From 16 onwards, I started having concentration problems, social akwardness, shyness, lost interest in some school subject, getting depressed and feeling empty most of the time. I still managed to do ok in school, but not as great as before. At 18, I started to have this intuition that my daily masturbation habits was draining my energy, personality and intelligence. Wanted to quit but the depression pulled me down. I was sort of using mtb as a way to cure depression, which led to more depression. At around 24, I discovered taoist sexual methods of retention. I started by mtb with retention, and it made me feel really good. No post coital blues, and sometimes I could have the 'high' feeling for the whole day. At 25, I started to develop more social skills and started to have relationships with women. The taoist method was great to use, because I could bring the women to multiple orgasm, while I did retention. It really improved my vitality, personality, health. I found that real contact with women, even with ejaculations sometimes, didn't drain me but instead stimulate my energy the next day. On the relationship level it was great, the women couldn't get enough of doing it with me as I could bring them to orgasm many times a night. But, they did complain that they were tired (!!) after that, eventhough they enjoyed it. I never thought women could be tired from too much sex before that. It really surprised me.

Then after I reached 30, I started to lessen the relationships with women and focused more on finding true love. I was shifting from frequency/quantity to looking for quality. That meant when I met a someone that I think would not be harmonious with me in the long term, I didn't continue seeing them. So I was back to solo mtb again, although not as frequently, but with retention. One thing I started to do is to go to the gym to do weightlifting, but I found the next few days after gym would be deep depression because it drained my energy. It was almost the same feeling as ejaculation. Sometimes I get so depressed that I would mtb and ejeculate just to get that few seconds of bliss, which was a stupid thing to do. I now make it a rule only to go to gym when I am loaded up with energy and nutrition and vitamins and protein drinks. It helps.

When I succeeded in not ejaculating for more than 10 days, I notice several changes: my voice gets deeper and more charismatic, personality gets more magnetic, men and women liked to communicate with me more, my eyes brighten, my skin complexion gets better, and overall I had more energy and feel more positive emotions and have my emotions and thoughts more easily under control.

I;m on day 3 again on this cycle, aiming for my 40 days again.

Thanks for sharing all that

It's so great to have feedback about what works and what doesn't, based on actual experience. Also interesting that the women felt the hangover, too. See? Those ancient sexologists (at least the ones we hear about mostly these days) didn't know everything! The hangover is in the brain...for both sexes.

You're not the first man to notice changes in his voice, charisma, etc. with retention. Fascinating.

My husband experienced chronic depression (with meds) until he began karezza. Now it's completely gone. We don't even think about it anymore. But at one level, it's really amazing. And strong evidence that something about this practice (and, probably, lots of affectionate touch/companionship) has truly shifted his brain chemistry.

Your story makes me think that lots of friendly contact with other people could be a very important factor...even before Miss Right shows up. Smile Remember, we humans are tribal, pair-bonding primates. Even monks often live in harmonious groups most of the time. Our nervous systems *need* that contact to help regulate our moods. Yes, meditation/prayer, exercise and yoga or qi gong or.... help, too. But don't underestimate the contact itself.

I tried another 10 days

I tried another 10 days without ejaculation and found something really interesting.

I found that going to the gym really drains me for the next few days and I actually developed deep depression after gym. It usually lasts for the next 3 days. That depression is probably caused by fatigue, but compared to the depression from too much orgasm, gym depression felt terrible - felt like i dont wanna live anymore or "life is pointless" kinda thing. It actually made my 40 days goal felt pointless.

So this new cycle I;m resorting to no gym until I complete a 40 days cycle.

I notice that sometimes I use mtb as a way to heal depression. I will now use spiritual and motivational books to heal my deprssion instead.

Interesting that the gym

is getting you depressed? Are you pushing yourself hard or maybe too hard? Getting enough food? How about rest? It usually has the opposite effect for me and a lot of others. Let me know how that goes. Hopefully it isn't anything serious. Maybe some mild cardio? Good luck.

Has anyone been to Dr Lin's

Has anyone been to Dr Lin's website at

He talks about brain and body chemicals and how it is affected by orgasm and too much masturbation too.

He told me my pituitairy-adrenal axis is drained from too much masutrbation in the past. That is why going to gym doing weightlifting drains my reserves causing depression - the effect is similar to ejaculation he says. Thats how i got the decision to stop gym until I recover my juice in my body.

Be careful

Someone was on this forum not long ago (or maybe it was a private message to me) saying how a few weeks of taking powerful supplements had thrown his brain completely out of whack, causing severe symptoms after orgasm, which still haven't gone away.

Not sure if they were Lin's supplements, but I think it was his site where I once read the warning (about the L-dopa he sold...a drug that imitates dopamine): Not responsible for people acting like sex maniacs who take this preparation. Or something to that effect. Wink

I'm not saying he's wrong about the exercise. Keep us posted on how you get along.

I had taken

L-dopa for about a week after that first week of abstaining and feeling down. I did have some really drained energy days and edgy feeling, but realized that came from the energy pill I was taking, and the resulting crash about mid-day. Once I dropped off the energy pill, I felt much better.

The only affect I really noticed from taking the L-Dopa was that once I stopped taking the energy pills, I did feel much better, but two, after stopping, almost a week later I think it made me more susceptible to my triggers, and I watched porn on the net for the first time since abstaining in Feb. I think it had kept the dopamine levels higher while taking it, but that resulted in keeping the receptors down. So when I stopped taking it, then I really experienced a drop/crash that left me wanting more, so more sensitive to any stimulating triggers.

But I only took it for a few days, and only one pill in the morning and one pill at night when the bottle said you could take two at each time, for a total of four. So I didn't take the max I could have.

So it may have been someone else, for even though I talked about it, I didn't have any sever reactions to it. Only from those crazy energy pills.

I am starting this challenge today as well

So after reading this I have decided to start this challenge for my self as well... I am curious to see how my body is going to respond to such a change... Masturbation is something I have done since I was 9.... i created another forum so I will let yall know how I am doing on there...

I have been ejaculating only

I have been ejaculating only once a week for the past month. Ok i had some contact with women, then i kinda went overboard and forgot my regimen.

ANyway, today is day number 8, and I;m feeling a deep peace in my mind, a stillness. My thoughts are clearer. My eyes look brighter. Overall my face looks 5 years younger. Even my skin complexion is better.

Hi guys, the last round i

Hi guys, the last round i got to 14 days. Felt very strong, peaceful. BUt one night i used the computer until too late and got really hyperactive and you know the rest.....

ANyway, i would like to report that around day 8 - 14, I experienced a profound increase in music talent! I mean, i would be driving, humming a certain old song, and suddenly in my mind another tune will come up sort of like a modified version of that tune! This happened everytime i was humming a tune in my head. And till today, i have 6 great tunes that I can write into great pop songs!
does anyone know, where can i sell my songs? Maybe i could become a songwriter? HOw much do they earn?

Try cutting down your

Try cutting down your internet time and try not to spend too much time on the computer if you can. It's helped me immensely during my latest attempt. I'm an amateur musician and can totally relate to what you're talking about with music. Music seems to flow effortlessly when I'm not stuck in my addiction and I believe I put more feeling into my music.

Lots of love

Inspiration seems to bloom

when coming out of this. tshirt I can relate to you and Courage. Sometimes when I'm playing guitar it just comes naturally, or lessons are easier for me to understand. You should write those song ideas down and record them.


I stopped playing flute because my job requires too much of computer work and my fingers ache.

Is there a way out ?

Hi, yes i recorded the

Hi, yes i recorded the melodies in my head into my phone. But, i can't play the guitar and my piano skill is only basic. I dunno how to create the music. But up to today, i have about 6 different songs, and they all sound really good, like hit songs.....

How much do songwriters make?

Where to find someone to add the music to my tunes?