Things That Make Me Smile

Submitted by Daffy Duck on
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*Giraffe Lips*, *Moose Lips too*, *Guinea Pigs when they yawn*, *little bugs on the screen door just sittin' there (without a care in the world)*, *ant hills*, *Japanese Crab Apple Tree BUDS*, *kitty cats waiting for birds*, *the color of dark brown russet potatoes and a beautiful deep-red tomato*, *red peppers*, *the bright moon at 7:00 am along with the sunrise*, *cool breezes/warm sunshine*, *the sound of rushing water*, *snowbirds*, *fat groundhogs*,

And friends that tell me I'm not stupid for loving these things... Smile

To Be Continued:



*Butterfly kisses*, *sunshine*, *hammocks*, *seeing a realization change someone's life*, *a good story (can make me cry as well)*, *an email from an old friend*, *music*, *walking*, *a happy DD*.


*my sleepy dog when he

*my sleepy dog when he sleeps wherever*, *a breeze through the grass*, *birds flying through the air like it's no big deal*, *cats upside down playing with the air*, *children playing*, *children smiling*, *children giggling*, *the innocence of children*, *my dog when he greets me in the morning*

And friends that tell me I'm not stupid for loving these things...


It's WONDERFUL you all said what you liked too!! Please... if there's anymore you want to add, I love to read these because they ALL make me smile!

"A Happy DD" - Poet!! That's funny! *big smile* I liked those, P!
"Daffy" - AC!! AwwwWWWwww~! *big smile* HUGS

Sad-Lonely - I really like those! The one about the dog sleeping everywhere. All those... the birds too...and the upside down cat!

You guys are the best! Write more if you guys think of any more, ok??