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I think this blogger is mistaken about the neurochemical cycle after orgasm. It's *at least* seven days, but more likely will turn out to be 14. The testosterone picture is also more complex. The spike at day seven is just a spike. It doesn't stay up. Yet, his reasoning is bold, and as he says, people can try the experiment for themselves.

Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women
by Matt Savage on February 4, 2009

Misconceptions of Male Abstinence and Ejaculation Theory
by Matt Savage on May 1, 2009


Having just abstained for nearly 7 full days, I can attest that the testosterone levels we obviously high. Started rising on day 4 and I suppose were peaking as I enjoyed their affects.

He does show that it goes down, but I think it also spikes at other times the longer you abstain as well. I recall very clearly how sensitive it was after a full month had passed. It has to be spiking then based on how just barely brushing up against it created waves of pleasure. Felt real close to that this past weekend.

But of course, though he does touch on the affects of dopamine depletion causing depression, low energy levels, etc., he doesn't seem to either know or deal with how long it takes for those to rebuild to normal levels, so never touches on the subjects that you raise in your book. He's going purely based on when the testosterone spike happens, assuming that is the body's way of saying, "Okay, I'm really ready for more." If he were to take into account the time for dopamine levels to balance out, maybe his thoughts on that would shift.

I have read this too.

The guy makes some basic sense. However, I find that even after day 7, my testerone is flowing just fine thanks to the help of weights and cardio. As I said in my other blog, there are some peaks and valleys, but the overall effect is more energy. I simply don't think a week is enough time, but certainly a good place to start for the beginner. Heck, there were times when a week was a big deal for me!