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Hello, I am glad I found this place searching for the effect of orgasm in the brain in Google.

I have not read the book but I liked the material on the website.

I would like to know what you think on this problem I have. It is difficult to explain, but many times I feel my brain/mind blocked. I may have anxiety/stress/depression problems (I have low serotonine if that means anything). What I find is that sometimes orgasm "clears my head", sometimes it just make things worse.

I think there is a relation with the quality of the orgasm: good profound ones have a relieving effect but supperficial ones do not (I am not sure if this difference means something for other people, but it is how I feel it).

So maybe it is not that we have to avoid orgasms, but search for a certain type of them?.

A former girlfriend told me she felt much more creative whe we had sex (I was good for her, this is another issue, how is it that the same person can experience such diffrences depending on the partner). So orgasms mus be good.

Thanks for any comment and I will try to explain better later.

orgasm and brain effects

I don't think your problem is unique to you. Biology sets us up to feel
so much anxiety (in the absence of good, nurturing lovemaking) that we
are driven to seek orgasm. So sometimes orgasm is a huge relief that
seems to outweigh the effects of the hangover. Lots of nurturing leading
up to orgasm can lessen the hangover for some folks. More orgasms
during an encounter lead to more of a hangover in almost everyone. And
masturbation orgasms "knock you out" (which feels like satisfaction, but
is really a hangover) less than orgasm during intercourse, because far
less prolactin is released afterward according to very recent research.

The "Peace" system calls for lots of generous affection and regular
lovemaking...but without orgasm. The reason it works better than the
occasional orgasm, or trying to find the "right" kind of orgasm, is
that nurturing and touch and sex and massage help produce oxytocin (so
does orgasm...but orgasm ALSO produces a hangover cycle because it's a
form of "over-stimulation" of the brain's reward center). Regular
production of oxytocin (without the hangover) can ease
frustration...even sexual frustration. This means it also counters
addictions. In addition, research shows that it counters stress, calms,
and counters depression. So it's the key to finding lasting satisfaction
without orgasm's natural was discovered thousands of years

We think of this lots-of-affection-no-orgasm program as the "loophole in
biology's plan to drive us toward fertilization behavior." It's hard to
understand how this ancient suggestion can work until you try it,
because your body convinces you that you have only one option for
relief: orgasm.

I think your former girlfriend would find loving sex without orgasm also
heightens her creativity, albeit in a more balanced way. In any case, a
harmonious relationship leads to lots of benefits that we lose when we
go for the high dopamine, which CAN create a manic sensation--heightened
creativity sometimes included--often followed by a depression-or-anxiety
cycle which we don't think of as being connected to the great-feeling
orgasm. The "crash" often gets projected onto a partner...leading to

Hope this helps. I'm in a hurry today as I'm on the road, so these
remarks may be a bit confusing.