Another Bonding Behavior/Technique

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Another bonding behavior I recently discovered that takes little energy is as followings: (I find it to be extremely helpful); I got the Idea from Laura Day's book on intuition.

1. Hold your spouse in your mind and begin to think about them (picture them, their body, their smile, their smell, their sounds, etc.)

2. Imagine that you are no longer yourself but that you have become your spouse; (If you are a man, imagine you have become your wife; If you are a woman, imagine that you have become your husband)

3. While being the other, imagine and really try to feel life as they do. What is it like with your wife's vaginal or her breasts? What is it like to have long hair or soft smooth skin? Emotionally? How is it to feel as your wife feels? Etc.

4. Think about what needs you have now that you are your wife or your husband. Physical needs? Emotional ones? Etc. Try to feel their experiences? Their bodies? Their pain and their pleasures. Their joys. Their sorrows.

5. Finally, enjoy the other person as yourself. Find pleasure in the moment. Find compassion for the other. You are the other. The two shall become one flesh.