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Hey, everyone,

How's it going?

Today marks my eleventh day of not masturbating and not viewing pornography. I wanted to track my mood for two weeks, and then come back and report my findings . But I keep encountering obstacles that make me want to come on this forum before my two weeks are up, and share with you people...getting feedback has helped me tremendously in conquering these obstacles., plus it helps to just write about it.

As some of you may have read, the other day I was stuck watching Britain's Next Top Model, and they did a kinky lesbian-themed photoshoot that triggered some porn cravings. I fought thse cravings, and then felt like it would be smooth sailing for the rest of the week, then I could celebrate two weeks of not masturbating or viewing porn.

But I was wrong about the smooth sailing. Today I was hit with a similar experience. And it's triggered cravings and I'm trying my best to fight them right now.

I'm a frequent reader of Perez Hilton's blog. And today, as I was scrolling through, I saw that he posted a blog about Chrsitina Aguilera's comeback video, which apparently premieres tomorrow. To accompany the blog, there was a photograph of Christina from onset of the videoshoot. I didn't realize what was happening in the picture immediately, but then, after I looked closer, I discovered it was a picture of her straddling some model girl who was tied to a chair.

Ahh! Noo! This is the exact thing that I went in for when I used to watch pornography on a daily basis--you know, the whole lesbian bondage thing (not to share too much information, but I think we're all comfortable with being open here).

So, anyway, needless to say, as soon as I discovered what the picture was, I X'd out of the page immediately.

But it already did its damage. Once I discovered what the picture was, I was immediately intensely aroused, and it has triggered strong cravings for pornography and masturbation--these cravings have lasted for about an hour. And I'm feeling curious. Part of me wants to go back and get a better look at the picture. Plus I know I'll be tempted to watch the video when it premieres tomorrow. Not only because I know it will be arousing (for any boy who grew up on Chrsinta Aguilera, this vid looks like a wet dream come true), but also because it's her big comeback video and I know everyone will be talking about it, and I like to be in the loop.

Thanks for listening.
Any advice on how to fight these cravings would be greatly appreciated.

Great advice, Harmony.

Great advice, Harmony. You're right; it is better to embrace it without giving into it rather than just trying to suppress it.

And, yes, I will feel stronger if I don't give in. I've given in in the past, and I always regret it and think, "if I had just witshtood for an extra night, I'd feel so strong right now..."

Thanks so much. This was the exact kind of encouragement I was looking for. Good luck in your endeavours as well.

Be Positive


Affirmations are much stronger if they are expressed in positive words. You want to avoid the word "not".

Having said that, I agree with Harmony's assessment. You know your trigger, so just decide what you will do instead, and make sure it is away from the computer until the feeling passes. You can do this!


From a non-user's perspective...

"You've seen've seen 'em all." This one's not gonna lead to anymore lasting satisfaction than any of the multitude of other hot videos. The more stimulating...the greater the sense of dissatisfaction and discouragement afterward.

Try to fast-forward your brain PAST the buzz to the letdown and sit with that for a bit whenever you're tempted.

Good luck. You guys make me think of me when I was a little girl and LOVED anything to do with horses or ponies. Even the smell of manure was enough to get me going. Smile And I would happily walk a mile just to watch a pony grazing in a field. I didn't think my life could ever be happy without my own horse/pony. But I never got one, and it has been a very happy life. So say "Goodbye" to Christina. The upside is that you can soon start having wet dreams over real women. Wink

*big hug*

I'm so glad this thread got bumped.

I want to know what happened. Did you succumb to the temptress that is Christina Aguilera. It doesn't matter what your personal kink is the feelings are all the same. Things get easier when you replace the craving with something better.

@tshirt: I do not include

@tshirt: I do not include "fantasizing about sex" as viewing porn. I don't fantasize on purpose too much. Every now and again, sexual fantasies just kinda pop into my head without me planning. And I have to be careful because they can lead to cravings, which leads to porn relapse/

@Dano: Indeed, friend, I did succumb. A few times. Haha. Luckily for me, the song didn't become that huge of a hit. Looking back on it, I see I could have avoided the cravings by taking part in a healthy distraction or something. You live, you learn.