'Cuddle hormone' makes men more empathetic

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Hey everyone, here is an article on oxytocin just released on BBC news in the UK, some of you might find it interesting (although it is a bit basic if you've read CPA):




I found this sentence interesting:

Neither group were able to accurately guess whether they had received the oxytocin or the dummy spray.

Shows how subtly our neurochemical balance influences us. It can change our awareness without our perception. No wonder we project the changes in feelings onto people and circumstances around us...and think *they* are the cause.

I've also been reading some research recently about the power of opioids to depress oyxtocin neuronal activity in rats brains. The opioids weren't given to them, they were produced as part of the natural "high" when eating sugar.

Orgasm too, produces opiods. So is frequent orgasm one factor making (some) men "number" to emotions? It's interesting that many of you report becoming more attuned to others and socializing more easily when you cut back on frequent masturbation to porn.

Just musing....