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Greetings and thanks for this site and all the work that has been done to get this very valuable info out.
I am the co-author of the book CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION, and have considerable knowledge and experience on the subject, but greatly appreciate the new scientific work that is being done with evolutionary biology and neurochemistry.
In my experience, there are at least three tangents to this work that I would like to see being investigated more, or if already there is research would like to know about it..
!. Prostate health. Prostate cancer is very high and of course this is also related to pollution, diet, etc., but I have experienced some prostate distress with practicing non-orgasmic intercourse. I imagine that this is at least part of the reason that the wisdom traditions of the past recommend consciously redirecting the energy, massage, etc. When we go against some program as powerful as reproduction and ejaculation, then it seems possible that we need to do so very carefully.
2. Natural Family Planning is another important aspect of fertile sexuality that plays an important role in the health of the relationship. I have found that barrier forms of birth control can have a psychologically and perhaps physiologically negative effect on the sexual relationship. The cycles of fertility awareness and natural birth control would seemingly have an important role to play in the overall discussion of the health of the sexual relationship, the timing of intercourse, etc.
3. Spirituality is mentioned as important and indeed this would seem to me to be very vital. Ultimately, beyond the environmental and psychological dimensions of sexual relationships, there is the question of dealing with the ego. As long as we hold on to this mistaken perspective of having a solid permanent self separate from the rest of life, all relationships will have a distinct quality of alienation.
Each of these three areas could be much more developed as questions and themes, but for now, just wondering because I think that without looking at these aspects, the program of healing intimacy will remain limited.

Effective Birth Control

For effective and unknown birth control methods for males visit and then click on the various methods on the left hand side. This was very helpful to me.

The most cost effective and safe method from that website was:

Use of Suspensories / Internal heat is an effective birth control method.
How does it work?
The testes are located outside the body cavity and are usually 1-2º C cooler than body temperature (Rock 1965). Warming the testes by a few degrees has a significant negative impact on spermatogenesis. Suspensories do just that: a custom brief holds the testes close to the body, warming the testes to body temperature. Researchers have reported resultant decreases in both the rate of spermatogenesis and the quality of the sperm produced. To understand how even mild heating has this effect, read How heat works.

How effective is it?
A team of researchers in France have carried out clinical trials of various suspensory designs as male contraceptives (Mieusset 1994). Their results showed that men who wore one suspensory design with a rubber ring to hold the testes in the inguinal canals had 100% effective contraception. All trial participants achieved very low motile sperm counts, between 0 and 1.6 million sperm per milliliter. There was one pregnancy during this trial, but the man subsequently admitted that he had stopped wearing the suspensory for 7 weeks. Consistent daily usage is critical for the effectiveness of this method.

How long does it take?
The men in Dr. Roger Mieusset ’s (1994) trial all used a secondary form of contraception until they had 2 consecutive sperm counts below 1 million normally swimming (motile) sperm per milliliter. There was a wide range in how long it took for the method to reach this level of effectiveness: for some men it took only 2 months, for others it took 9 months. Because it takes 2 months for newly formed sperm to travel through the male reproductive system, the shortest possible time to effectiveness would be 2 months.

What side effects are expected?
The only side effect reported during a suspensory trial was chafing while the weather was hot (Rock 1967). More recent suspensory designs have not caused chafing.

Like external heat, there is a concern about the genetic integrity of future sperm. Dr. Mieusset (2005) has proposed to carry out animal tests on the genetic viability of eggs fertilized with heat-treated sperm. This issue is of particular concern at the beginning and end of suspensory treatment, when men are subfertile but potentially still capable of fathering a child. The children fathered at the end of Mieusset’s (1994) trial were all normal, but the sample size is too small to make any definitive statements.

How long does it take to reverse?
Tests of suspensories have all shown full recovery to pre-treatment sperm count and motility levels. The length of time to recovery depends on the duration of the treatment. In a 1 year trial, men returned to pre-treatment levels within 12-18 months. However, full recovery is not necessary to achieve a pregnancy; one man fathered a child 3 months after stopping treatment (Mieusset 1994). Shorter trials have shown full recovery within 6-8 months (Mieusset 1991, 1987). There are no reports of suspensories causing irreversible infertility.

Hello Anonymous - Guess

Hello Anonymous -

Guess what? I've met you before, in Boulder, years ago in an astronomer friends house. You've even been to the land I grew up on. Fancy meeting you here!

If you haven't already seen my post on partner-based birth control, here is a thread:

I agree it is ideal to channel the orgasm upwards and would guess it would be that much more important for the man. Any tips you've gleaned over the years as to how to do this?

Barrier methods in my experience can interfere with the elecromagnetic charge transmission, but can be appropriate during fertile times.

Could you share some of your own journey in dealing with the ego as it pertains to sexuality and spirituality? Is sex the perfect place to dissolve the sense of a solid self?

Please elaborate.

Oh, too looks like that guy

Oh, too bad, looks like that guy was posting AGES ago (probably about the time I met him, actually). Too bad, I would love it if others were wanting to engage more in the forum around this topic. I guess you kindov have to be getting laid to get to the whole fertility management issue, anyway. And for sterilized or otherwise infertile or abstinent people it may not be that interesting of a topic, but I think that realizing the power of our fertility and to share that responsibility in a mutally beneficial and intentional way can really do a lot to heal the rift betwen the sexes.

Anyone else out there interested in the topic of natural family planning and conscious fertility?

If you are single, what does it mean to be conscious of yourself as a fertile being? Are being sexual and being fertile the same thing? How the hell do we manage the fact that we are fertile?



My wife and I practice natural family planning due to religious reasons. So, hotspring, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you on the topic.

Generally, we use the vaginal discharge method to determine ovulation time; vaginal discharge or mucus becomes thick and stretchy at ovulation time (better to trap the semen and to allow it time to get to the egg);

Once ovulation is found, we either
1. abstain from sex;
2. practice karazza intercourse with no orgasm/ejaculation from me (wife may orgasm at times);
3. coitus interruptus for times were I go over the edge;

However, coituss interruptus is frowned upon by my religion. While the record may be a little fuzzy, I think the second option is okay though there is a issue regarding whether the woman should orgasm.

The first option is the method most encouraged.

I don't mean to get into a moral discussion on the topic. My wife and I use the above methods. We have four children; all planned pregnancies; each child is about three years apart in age;




I should add: precum is sometimes a concern of mine. Therefore, I would always recommend that if sex is engaged in during the ovulation time, then the male should probably not go over 7 or 8 on the arousal scale.

As a firm rule, we do not begin having ejaculatory sex until after the third day of no ovulation mucus/discharge. If your interested in this method, there are numerous websites about it.