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Almost 4 days and I want sex. I want orgasm. I've been sliding. Now I want to give up. Giving up the pursuit of orgasm revealed my need for affection. I haven't been able to change enough to get my wife interested. For her, if there is no O why go? I was getting more cuddle time by heating her up. The problems in our relationship (my need, her coolness) seem to cycle on their own. The impact of an orgasm doesn't seem all that great when looking at the big picture of who we are. Wanting the orgasm is easy compared to wanting affection.
I'll revisit this issue after 21 days of abstinence.


She keeps me

on my toes.....but shit, my calves are getting tired
6 days post orgasm and I'm feeling better. A PIDA yesterday, that I was in no position to appreciate, helped too I'm sure.

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It's getting too long[quote] From Marnia: Did you see this article, AC? I'm hoping it moves Madame. http://www.reuniting.info/cant_shehe_see_i_need_sex *fingers crossed*

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Fri, 2010-05-07 11:40 — Aphrodites Chela New Great Article
I forwarded it to her and excerpted a piece 'cause I doubt she'll read it

"the temporary neurochemical (or receptor) drop-off (after orgasm Sunday) soon makes us feel like we are missing some essential ingredient for our happiness (me by Wednesday)

The resulting angst strongly motivates us to seek relief now. Due to this "mini withdrawal," we may feel anxious and emotionally distant—and want to ease our tension with another orgasm as soon as possible. Or perhaps we are needier than usual, craving additional proofs of our mate's love—on our terms. Both these strategies are attempts to stimulate feelings of pleasure in a now-sluggish reward circuitry.

Unfortunately, unless you both happen to choose the same "meds" for your discomfort, your love life can go out of sync. If your mate rebuffs your advances, it may seem like your mate doesn't care enough to ease your obvious distress. Or it may seem to your mate like all you care about is "getting some." Now, you could be seeing the worst in each other, and, perhaps, doubting each other's devotion—all because your mindless, primitive reward circuitry is giving you imperfectly matched impulses as your brains return to equilibrium."

te amo[/quote]Great Stuff