Sex Addiction And Senior Citizens

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I was going to entitle this post “SEX AND OLD PEOPLE” but just the title alone made me feel more depressed. :) I looked in the list of Community Topics and found none that seemed to refer to men or woman who qualify for senior citizen discounts. I don't think that sexual addiction is a condition that is limited by one's age, but I think that the topic needs to be in the list. As an older male, soon to be starting on my seventh decade of life, I find that I am still very much of an un-recovered sex addict; and one of my sources of shame/guilt is that it has taken me this many years to address the problem.

This is my first post and I am not in my best writing form because I am still in the earliest days of abstinence from orgasms and my head is still pretty mixed up. This is day eleven and who would of thought that abstaining from orgasms and especially MB could cause such a mental upheaval, but it has.

I am grateful that I have found this site. I have tried SAA sex addicts anonymous, but while they were helpful, I did not find the depth of understanding that I see evident here. I am still doing a lot of reading and looking around the site and the forum, but wanted to jump in and get my feet wet so to speak.

I am a recovered alcoholic/addict, 20 + years since I had a drink or an illegal drug, and 5 years since I gave up cigarettes so I am not new to the idea of recovery or addiction, but while I had success at quitting these substance abuse problems, the sex addiction thing has been the basis of all my other addictive habits and taking it on seems like a huge challenge.

I am lucky enough to have a partner/wife who is a huge source of strength to me and who, I hope, will be part of my sex addiction recovery. She is aware of some my sexual history, but does not fully understand how sex addiction works to undermine a relationship.

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Nice to have you aboard. Thanks for your courage in addressing the issue. A few months ago I think I mentioned that a friend in Europe just discovered that her 71-year old hubby was looking at some really...raunchy things on the her amazement. So no one here views the pleasure of porn/sex addiction as limited to specific age groups. Smile

That said, we'd be happy to hear whatever you think your age group would find particularly helpful. Also feel free to start a "Wiki" on the subject. (See upper right for list of existing "Wikis.") What things are helping you cope the most?

How delightful that you have a loving spouse! An affectionate relationship can make the return to equilibrium much easier - if you can resist the urge to start the "desensitization cycle" again with another serving of hot sex. Wink Have you read "The Lazy Way to Stay in Love?"


This issue does not depend on age. I think you will be surprised at the surge in energy you will feel when you get over the initial hump. Keep well the road!



Some people may find it difficult to admit the kind of life you went through and I find your courage and strength by letting other people know your experience and sufferings. I am happy that you change for the better. I am also glad that you have your wife with you. The road to becoming a better person may not be as easy as it seems to but I must say that you hold because the results are rewarding.

sex addiction

I just want to say that it is so amazing that you have overcame so many addictions. I believe that sexual addiction is one of the hardest. You can do it. There is a great book titled, "Erotic Intelligence" written by Alexandra Katehakis that is amazing at helping addicts break free from the addiction and offers hope for their partners as well. Alexandra's work is truly groundbreaking – it is the first book to address how to integrate sex after a person becomes “sober” from compulsive sexual behaviors. Good luck to you!