Erotic Literature?

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What would the effects of erotic literature be on the brain? I’m an avid reader, and some books have the ability to turn a person on with their descriptive details of lascivious encounters. It really doesn’t compare to porn, but its nuances affect the sexual senses as well. Please feel free to comment.

Stimulus vs Response

Put another way, it's not the drink that's the problem, it's the need to drink.

If erotic literature leads to compulsive masturbation, then it's a problem. If it just leaves you with a little "buzz", then it's an enhancer.

Consider this though, how do the stories affect the way you experience women? Do real women seem tame compared to the fantasy ones in stories? As a writer, I know some of the standard techniques to "pump up" the story. There are times when I worry about whether people develop unrealistic expectations about relationships as a result of the stories they read or watch. As long as you can consciously and subconsciously appreciate how wonderful a real woman is over her more exciting, but ultimately disappointing, fictional counterpart then I'd say, go for it.


The response.

When I read erotic literature it doesn’t inspire me to start pulling my pud or anything, it’s more like getting an embarrassing chubby whilst riding on the public transport system. Wink I’ve got a very vivid imagination. If I’ve been abstinent for a long time, then a descriptive sex depiction in a book can get me worked up. That’s the thing about being a virtuous abstainer of all things the flesh, one can be easily set off and tempted to self pleasure via masturbation. :)

All life is sorrowful and the world is an ever burning fire, so enjoy the stately dance of the mystic bliss beyond pain, for that is at the heart of every mythic rite.


For me personally, If in the catagory of erotic literature it is like porn, only better. There is no constant feed of visuals, but erotica turns me on more so than visuals alone. I create my own. In fact, I remember the stories were what I looked for first when i found the stash of porn mags as a kid I guess there is more tabboo, such as in forbidden scenarios,(with certain people or places) where in porn the tabboo is in the act itself. I would guess it would depend on if one enjoyed reading. I have always enjoyed reading simply for the fact that I am able to completely escape, much like people do who watch tv.