FYI: There is a traditional yogic practice for singles

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There is a traditional yogic practice for singles, known as "Shaktichalana Mudra", practiced by various groups of Tantric celibates.

It's quite simple. Sit down to meditate. Meditate. At some point, when the mind has quieted, start stimulating one's genitals (dildos are acceptable for women). Allow yourself to percieve the physical sensation, but pause if you start engaging in visual imagery or other mind-based eroticism. Breath the energy in the circle of the body (up the spine and down the front) and synchronize breathing with stimulation. Never over-stimulate, especially do not play brinkmanship with an orgasm.

At some point one should feel satisfactorily full of sexual energy, with no need to continue.

The key points of this exercise are to:
1) Restore sexual energy to be a bodily and feeling activity, not a mental activity (too many of us are addicted to visual or erotic stimulation)
2) For those filled with lust, rebalancing the whole body without depleting its energy
3) For those who are feeling dry and sexless, rebalancing the body to have some "juicy" sexual energy.

Esoterically, the sexual energy is considered the "male, penetrative" force, and the spine the "female, receptive" force, and this practice is purposed to lead to a perfectly balanced union of the male and female within the body of each individual, whether male or female.

In my personal experience, when I first tried this discipline, there was no danger of orgasm, because I was so habituated to erotic stimulation that I didn't get an erection from pure physical stimulation without any erotic stimulation.

Much thanks for your work--no one has ever laid out the neurological foundations for esoteric sexuality before, and your work clarifies many issues that are talked about in traditional texts only in poetic language.

-- Louis