Inflatable/Silicone Partners.

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Has anyone ever thought of being in a relationship with an inflatable/silicone lover? I've seen ads for silicone sex toys, there are companies making life size male and female sex dolls. Would you consider these inflatable/silicone partners sexy or creepy? Please feel free to respond. Comments are welcome. :)

Pardon me while I…

LOL! :)

All life is sorrowful and the world is an ever burning fire, so enjoy the stately dance of the mystic bliss beyond pain, for that is at the heart of every mythic rite.


That is a very old myth, the sculptor falling in love with his art.

"In Ovid's narrative, Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory. According to Ovid, after seeing the Propoetides prostituting themselves, he was 'not interested in women', but his statue was so realistic that he fell in love with it. In the vertex, Venus (Aphrodite)'s festival day came. For the festival, Pygmalion made offerings to Venus and made a wish. "I sincerely wished the ivory sculpture will be changed to a real woman." However, he couldn’t bring himself to express it. When he returned home, Cupid sent by Venus kissed the ivory sculpture on the hand. At that time, it was changed to a beautiful woman. A ring was put on Galatea's finger. It was Cupid’s ring which made love achieved. Venus granted his wish."

Of course, the story does not talk about how Pygmalion and Galatea had a falling out about two years after their marriage, each blaming the other for losing that loving feeling . . .



Ha ha!

Here's the problem with silicon babes...the Coolidge Effect still kicks in. (For more on the Coolidge Effect:

Here's what a forum member shared last year:

I watched a documentary on guys with extremely expensive and realistic "love dolls." One guy had like ten of them. He had so many that he was running out of room in his home. Even though these were dolls, he had already started to see them as girls he had spent enough time with and was now ready for new (fake) genetic opportunities. Probably why guys collect so much porn... we think we have found the greatest porn of all time but after seeing it a few times we never go back. I have tons of jpeg images that I collected, thinking I was amassing some wonderful database of pleasure. But I can't remember ever actually going back to them again. The compelling part is the NEW image, the novel image, or maybe, the novel love doll.

Also, affectionate touch and close, trusted companionship are apparently the factors in intimacy that are most protective of health. So you might be stuck with real women...assuming you can coax them away from their vibrators. Wink

I dunno, Marnia

There's something compelling about the thought of a partner who doesn't talk back. Are you SURE you can't do Karezza with a silicon doll? I mean, you can be sure at least one of you won't be orgasmic. Wink


Well, I was once locked in a

Well, I was once locked in a closet with a black male blow-up doll named "Sunny", with real chest hair add-ons. he was installed with the new voice responding software created by gaybot industries. All he really said though was "Let me out of here, let me out of here!", so I never got to ask him intimate questions. Apparently, you can ask him about his day, how he likes it, etc.

That was all fictional by the way. I have to add that disclaimer because sometimes people stroll through these sites and get mad if you mess around. I cant help it though, were talking about inflatable lovers!

Courage is knowing what not to fear.


Lol, you guys are funny. Well, I've watched some videos on youtube of these dolls, and they are terribly disturbing. I can't believe some people buy these things. Its all an illusion. It is a strange world that we live in.

Very true.

That's true, it is all an illusion. As we have a similar 'relationship' with porn. Although to me I relate porn to being addicted to a drug. But, then again these men's 'drug' could be the feelings they get from being with a doll. Either way, a person is still attached to something that gives them comfort.

Karezza with Dolls

Let's say that, one day, these "dolls" are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing--including the ability to converse intelligently. Yes, I suppose that there might be a class of guys who immediately deactivate this intelligence capacity immediately upon removing their new doll from its box. Such a class of men might buy one doll after another after another, as Marnia suggests, above.

However, I think it is inevitable that some guys will start really opening up to their dolls and wanting to form deep emotional bonds with them. And at that point, I think karezza with a doll might be possible for those so inclined.

And if the results of karezza were to hold true for these men, then they would probably become better-adjusted, happier human beings, who were more capable of connecting with others. They would be able to overcome their addictions, contribute to society, and realize their full potentials. Now who could complain about that? (Assuming women, too, had perfect mechanical men attached to one end of those vibrators... I think of "Gigolo Joe" (played by Jude Law) in Spielberg's (and, sort of, Kubrick's) Artificial Intelligence.)

SPOILER ALERT. In Lars and the Real Girl, Lars is able to give up his artificial companion once he has worked through his fears and his feelings of inadequacy. But would the same be true for a man whose relationship was with something virtually indistinguishable from the real thing? Would he ever reach a point where he would want to give her up? Ultimately, somewhere, Lars realizes that this doll is not what helped him through his problems, but a community of caring people around him. The same might not be the case for the man whose connection was with something that looked and felt like the real thing.

Still, no matter how real, such men might suffer moments of deep doubt and depression upon pondering the "fakeness" of their relationship. But maybe I over-estimate the momentousness of this obstacle. Today we go online and find someone who is matched with us on multiple levels of compatibility (and this seems like an improvement on hit-and-miss dating). But the end-user experience is not that much different from going online and ordering a custom-built doll...

My Karezza Comment was Intended as a Joke . . .

. . . but taking what you say seriously, I think you're right. It is possible that you could create a doll that could be a comfort to a person. What would the difference be between such a doll and a real relationship? The big one is programming. Real people are self-programming. They can bring new ideas into a relationship. They can grow and change.

You captured the point about Lars and the Real Doll - the change happened within Lars as a result of the community rallying around him through the doll. Emotionally, he couldn't handle being touched, but he could handle touch by proxy through the doll. An important, but unstated, part of the movie is that before the doll, Lars was invisible to the community. They didn't know how much he needed help.

Dr. Oliver Sacks, the neurologist, talks about an autistic patient of his who invented a hug machine. It wraps a rubber sheet around her and holds her tight. She uses it because she gets emotionally overloaded from a human hug, yet she needs the physical sensation to calm her mind.

So yes, I think you're right - karezza with a doll might be just the ticket to help someone build up to the real thing.

Next question: is electronic karezza possible?


I've never tried Karezza,

I've never tried Karezza, but I would like to think that it involves giving and receiving, and to me it seems like a very spiritual experience between two people giving and receiving love and at the same time strengthening and receiving even more love from above. How can you experience this with an inanimate object?

Simulacrum & Satanism

Courage, when you say "inanimate object" my mind flashes up an image of a rock. An inflatable doll is (you are correct) also inanimate: which is to say not-animated, doesn't move, inert, lifeless. A moving, talking, warm, apparently respirating, funny, friendly, flesh-feeling android is not "inanimate" in the same sense. In fact, it is quite "animated." I understand the deep-rooted distaste for the simulacrum: "It just isn't real!" But maybe the issue here is that we are too narrow, too provincial, in our definition of "life." I think we could be quite surprised at how easily we might accept (after some initial uneasiness) something that meets a deep-seated emotional need, regardless of whether its components were primarily silicon or primarily carbon.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I don't think I'm mistaken in anticipating that we would be able to embrace it.

Perhaps the following datum is merely a distraction, but I can't help but feel the need to state it anyway. The following is point number four in the Church of Satan's five-point program to revamp society:

4. Development and production of artificial human companions—The forbidden industry. An economic “godsend” which will allow everyone “power” over someone else. Polite, sophisticated, technologically feasible slavery. And the most profitable industry since T.V. and the computer.

From here:

Of course, this aim, at least as stated, is almost certainly at the production of the mindless bimbo variety of android. But as I stated in my previous post, whatever the original intention of such a social move, I think some men will start to want something more from their dolls, something more emotionally satisfying... and maybe... just maybe... this could spark a silicon karezza revolution.


Reminds me of that experiment in the book where the chimp babies bond with the cloth dolls, even though the wire doll is producing milk for them. This chain of thought has made me smile a lot. Thank you all.


The Daoists

taught that there are male and female "essences" or "currents" that are exchanged in lovemaking (or any connection), and that this exchange is what balances partners. Even though our scientific equipment can't measure it yet, it may be so. (For example, anyone read The Magus of Java?

If it is true, then the dolls have a way to go before they can be true substitutes...and the same goes for vibrators. Wink