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Some here feel that orgasm and ejaculation are different in that the former is in the brain and the latter just physical. How else can one differentiate the two? Are there telltale signs of the dopamine release and do those indicate orgasm or are some merely indicative of ejaculation?

Can ejaculation impact (cause feeling in) the body without the orgasmic brain? Or if the body is impacted does that imply orgasm because the brain needed to impact the body and can only do so via the orgasm induced pathways? Can the brain experience ejaculation without dopamine?

I've noticed that one can ejaculate almost like urinating. It seems to happen after a period of abstaining. It appears to involves some sort of mental state sufficient to ejaculate, but not orgasm. It feels a little like the system functioning for its own sake once it gets an initial push.

On the other hand, maybe this is orgasm in some other form after a period of abstaining. In some ways it is physically more intense than orgasm (at least the old orgasm), but mentally neutral.

You have as good

a chance of answering these questions as we do right now. Honest. Your observations matter, and a lot of what you say makes sense.

I've just put up an article here about the need for more research: Forbidden Sex Research: the Orgasm Cycle

Maybe if we send it out to anyone we know who might be in a position to do research, it'll happen.