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Yesterday I decided to go on a 40 day challenge of not Masturbating.... I am 20 years old.... if i complete this Challenge I will reward my self by getting the MAC book pro.... I really love that laptop.... However if I fail No MAC book pro!...... I am doing this challenge because I have been masturbating probably since i was 9... I am just curious to see how I am going to react to this challenge..... And for those that have done a challenge like this before let me know your experience and how did you overcome?

DAy 1

Well today is the First day of this challenge.... woke up semi erect... don't feel the need to Masturbate though, heading to work for most of the day so probaly won't be in the mood to masturbate when I get home... So far I believe I can accomplish this goal!!!

stay focused on your goal

The key is to relax and focus on other things. For me the temptation is to "edge" while thinking that it won't hurt. Makes it a lot harder. I recommend trying very gentle, slow masturbation without porn about every third day. Stop well short of the "edge". My best has been 6 weeks. I am now two weeks into what I hope to be 18 weeks this time. My reward is to make it to my anniversary in Sept.


I agree with u on finding other things to keep my mind on... I wish i had the discipline to take it to the edge then stop...but I am the type of person that would just give up and go all the way.... but 6 weeks thats Awesome...let me know how this time goes...

Hi Yeamon

How's it going? Have you read the Wikis on porn? They may be helpful at some point.

Also, I enabled you to blog, in case you want to start your own thread for this effort.

Good luck!


No I haven't read it it as yet.... But I will in a few min. So far I have been holding up pretty OK... I am so determined to complete this challenge, and having this website to document my progress is so cool...its actually motivating...

Day 2

Well Woke up this morning feeling ok.... nothing new really.... Had the typical morning wood, which went away after jogging couple miles.... been semi erect for most the biggy!... but i have come to the realization that if I am going to complete this challenge i am going to have to keep my self occupied, also being Isolated is when the urges are the strongest.... but I still believe I can do this!!!

Often people

here give themselves clues about where they need to go next with recovery. Sounds like you need to make an effort to the cravings pick up again. What can you do to make more contact with others? Are you shy or outgoing?

No I am not shy, i am very

No I am not shy, i am very out going.... I guess what i ment by Isolation is the times when I am in my room by myself..... But so far what I have done is instead of watching TV in my room I watched it in the living room of my house.... and i try to be around people, even left my room door open... so I wouldn't be as tempted... Heading out with some friends now so don't think the urge will be as strong...