Cohabitation or Living-Together

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Cohabitation or living-together seems acceptable in our society today...

1. Why does the female partner often feel emotionally attach to their male partner despite the lack of wholesome commitment of a genuine relationship in marriage intimacy?

2. Does this kind of relationship will last longer in terms of a long-relationship even though the living-together couple will ultimately get married a few years later?

3. Does their intimate and loving relationship will last for a long-term commitment despite they had a living-together years prior to their marriage days?

4. Why often times the guy will divorced his wife during their marriage days depsite they had stay longer during their living-together years?

5. (base on Q#4) How come they guy will get away (through divorce) with her in marriage but can not get away with her during their earlier living-together period days?

Cohabitation or Living-Together

I am not sure I understand all your questions, here.

From what I understand, it doesn't matter if the couple living together is actually married or not.
For me, the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper with a contract for a ménage à trois, i.e. a "couple" with three people: the husband, the wife, and the government!
The official marital status does not change much.

What really matters is the fact that the couple share the same living space and they have a sexual relationship.

If this sexual relationship is based on conventional sex, they are likely to break up, or, if they stay together, to have a very painful relationship.

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