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Avoid porn addiction on the internet

1. Consider installing porn content filtering software on your computer. it will help to protect you from stumbling into pornography by accident, That's important.

2. Do not try to guess what the address of a Web page is. Many pornographic sites have similar addresses of respectable sites. For example www . whitehouse . com is a porn site. The real address is www. whitehouse . gov

3. Never click on Web site addresses that you receive in an unsolicited email.

4. Do not open attachments that come in email that are unsolicited.

5. Use filtered search engines or reputable directories to find the information you need.

6. Do not search for terms like girls. Think before you enter a search term.

Stick with reputable sites.
If something looks questionable, don't let curiosity get the best of you. Delete it or close the window.


I must add to this. One of the best ways to heal from pornographic addiction or involvement is to be open about it. Nothing beats group therapy and honesty. Therapy can be hard to come by however, so forums should be useful too, although there are no good ones I have found that focus on it (by the way though, this site seems really cool). I am starting one though, for this reason, at http://porn-no-more.phpbb.net

Please take the time to check it out.


Porn addiction

Thank you David.

A lot can be said about porn addiction (a topic I know a lot about :oops: ) and how to overcome it.

Marnia's appoach to sexuality and a supporting wife can go a long way towards a cure to this addiction, but every little bit helps.

Everybody: you can use this thread to share your tips and insights on this topic.