losing libido and hope for improvement

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I feel all though i have cut the porn and masturbation out of my life, i dont deserve a pat on the back bc i was 'forced' to make the decision. I started abusing porn and (myself) a few years ago and did it with such frequency that i messed up my libido. I have had little to no sexual urge for about two years. Out of desperation and fear i continued this vicious cycle throughout this "grey period" one to reassure myself i could still function and two to possibly bring myself back around. Unfortunately i am uneducated on this subject and it appears i might have made it worse. At this point i have elliminated orgasm and porn out of my life, and this is my third week. I still feel the symptoms of low libido and ed issues(weak morning erections). I am reaching out here in an attempt to get some facts, and maybe some experiences to offer me a little hope, as i have very little left. I am 26 and feel like i will never live a normal life, 3 doctors including a specialist cant find anything wrong with me, but its obvious there is something physically wrong. All this worrying about never returning to normalcy has driven me into a state of depression and now i am taking antidepressant meds, will this further screw up my chance of a rebalance? i feel the anxiety and depression might do worse to me. Has anyone been to a neurologist to see if they have any methods to check your neuroendocrine system and see where the imbalance (if any) is? Has anyone had similar situation as me? i have been reading up on peoples struggles to quit masturbation and i havent experienced those feelings. Is there a light at the end of this long tunnel? thanx in advance..

Your story is not unusual

Did you read this article on the Wiki? Erectile Dysfunction and Porn Use
http://www.reuniting.info/node/3287 In fact, read a few of them: http://www.reuniting.info/wiki#porn

Also start a blog if you like.

And cheer up. It may take longer than a few weeks (after all, it took you quite a while to dig the hole you're in), and antidepressants may be impeding your progress temporarily, but there's lots of reason to hope for a good outcome.

*big hug*

antidepressants can cause

antidepressants can cause loss of erectile or ejaculatory function and loss of libido. ALSO depression can cause loss of libido. i know that orgasm causes depression for me! i agree that healing takes more than a few weeks; nothings impossible so don't give up hope.
perhaps you over did it for a few years with the porn and orgasm and you need some time to replenish the hormones

check out herballove http://www.herballove.com/article.asp?art=452 the "experts" there discuss the hormones and neurotransmitters necessary to maintain erection and libido. "Masturbation is the biggest habit you should be aware of, as it both weakens the parasympathetic nerves and depletes your body’s store of hormones. ? he goes on to recommend cutting out masturbation for awhile to replenish


thanx for the responses.. it feels good to know that im not so isolated with this. i read the links posted here but have yet to see anyone with a diminished libido as i am suffering with, it seems as though it was a tough struggle for most people to elliminate orgasm and porn from their daily lives. the fact that it hasnt been difficult at all for me, and i havent had any wet dreams is whats making me so nervous. i intend to stick it out and try to repair myself.. as i am out of any other option.

I am a bit older than you, but.....

I think when we are jacked up on PMO, our libido is in hyper drive. Anything less seems like nothing. You are probably just returning to "normal", with perhaps a swing below normal before things stabilize. Don't worry, if you could perform before, you will be able to in the future. Smile

Enjoy the lessening of your libido!! It seems like something is missing at first. Now is your opportunity to use that time to your advantage! This is a GOOD thing!

I never have wet dreams, I have only had two in my entire life. (Perhaps, if I had not masturbated multiple times per day from the age of 15, I would have had more. Sad ) However, I think if my body needs to release, it will..... I don't give it a second thought.

Further, you may want to try to minimize getting highly sexually aroused. If you have no partner, it leads to frustration. If you have one, it gets in the way of Karezza, which is much, much better than conventional sex.


Megatracker...I use to take

Megatracker...I use to take antidepressants. My opinion is that they are not worth it. My libido was practically gone because of it. I'm not saying you shouldn't take them. It's your choice. But that may be a huge factor for your loss of libido. As well, being anxious isn't going to help either. Relax, smell the roses. I was off of masturbation and porn for 4 months and my libido came back. But it takes time my friend.