effects of a healing transfer on the brain.science research

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hi , i am looking for someone knowlegeable who can give me feedback on a controversial research related to the effects of an energetic transmission(a kind of healing).
u can read on that on the next blog:


thank u!

effects of a healing transfer on the brain.science research

Hello Shreya and Welcome.

First of all I am not someone knowledgeable :(

Is Diksha a form of Shaktipat? I have some experience with the latter. I can testify that the energy transfer during Shaktipat is real (feels that way, anyway), but its effects are not lasting. One has better results over the long term if one is working to change one's life and habits. Whatever damage we may have incurred at birth, as described in your article, our own empiric evidence is that creating a loving bond in the couple as described by Marnia in her book can go a long way towards healing past mistakes, and produce that oxytocin that we were previously lacking of.

You didn't provide a source for your article. The only other reference I can find is here:

I cannot comment on the scientific data, because I have not seen the data... and I am not a scientist. What I would like to see in a scientific study, though, is the long term results of such a procedure (Diksha). I am a bit warry of Guru worship: this has been abused by so many so-called Gurus today and in the past. And as for my experience with Shaktipat: I didn't benefit from it over the long term, because I had not learned to walk on my own two feet.

If the goal is to benefit from having more oxytocin, then we need no other Guru than one's sexual partner to practice "coitus reservatus" with.

If more knowledgeable and scientific people happen to read this thread, please do share with us your knowledge.

Shreya, I am sorry I cannot be of more help at this stage.

effects of a healing transfer on the brain.science research

yes, the info about those 2 scientist I got from Guruphilliac. I did not provide more sources... Because I did not find One that sounds objective... The cult and blind faith is too strong on one side... and guruphilliac, is too much against that Kalki, that for me looses credibility.
I mean, for sure, that there are things around the administration and organization that smells... but I am just trying to know, wether if scientist Opitz is making a good statement, or is just making this whole cult bigger and bigger... :shock:
On the other side, yes, lets make Love!,
but why is it that most of youth (I live in Spain) are so sex obssesed, and they do not seem happy, but are more and more violents...(I don't mean that sex induces vilolence!!!) There is lot of sex here... but very little Love... lots of dependency...
Thanks for ur sharing! :)