mentors, support group in Los Angeles

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Hello. I live in Santa Monica near LA and would like to know if there are mentors or groups here. I would be interested in both. I have read Marnia's
book and Barry Long's book, Making Love the Divine Way. I have given Marnia's book to my partner. I don't know yet if he will really be open to it. I'm not the most diplomatic person and he and I have a lot of difficulties. I have very low sexual energy and low energy in general so it's harder to orgasm than to refrain. I think sex would be more enjoyable if it were more prolonged and if attention and energy was not channelled toward a future orgasm. He likes to have about 1.5 orgasms a day. I have sexually withdrawn from him and this sometimes creates hostility. Orgasms don't make him want to stray. In fact, not having sex may be turning him away. I don't think he fantasizes much, but I don't think either one of us is very present when we have sex. But he would be happy to just keep coming if only I would.

mentors, support group in Los Angeles


These ideas only work if both people try them willingly and have read
the book, or read it together as they go through the exercises in the back.

Your partner's resistance is not unusual, although even resistant
partners usually open their minds by about chapter 4....

Anyway, you could say, as I did to my husband, "we can always go back to
conventional sex, but could we just try this approach? It only takes 3
weeks or so." That's a reasonable request. My husband, to his surprise,
actually saw the benefits of the practice within a few days. There were
ups and downs, but the benefits were obvious. We're still sticking with
it 5 years later.

Let us know how it goes. Hopefully someone in the LA area will also
respond. We're in OR.

Please note that there are also free coaches available here:

Los Angeles support

Well, I'm certainly not a mentor, but I do live in the Los Angeles area (Inglewood). I can relate to your experiences, and would actually love to have someone local to chat with. Please feel free to message me privately to talk or arrange a meeting.
Hang in there, mari

Los Angeles support

Hi, I have just found out about this book "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" and also this blog. It seems you were here in 2006 so probably all out of date. Anyway I am so convinced by the book I would love to meet like minded people in Los Angeles area