Inventory of Couples Practicing Karezza Together

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It would be neat to take a tally of how many couples regularly sharing on this site have both people on board. We could try to summarize what we've learned, ie, what's possible when both people are participating. We could compile a list of questions for our partners who are not posting and share the answers so that its a more representative picture. So far I see: (and I've not been reading much in the forum lately, so apologies to anyone if I've blatantly overlooked you)

Marnia and Gary
Neil and his Wife
Hotspring and Tender of the Fire
Sid and his Lovely Woman
Amari and Her Hunk?

I'm sure I'm missing someone else crucial. And I'm sure that besides Marnia and Gary and maybe Neil and his wife, most couples trying this out haven't totally foregone orgasm, but are experimenting readily with these ideas.

We could also make an inventory of people in partnerships without a willing partner and brainstorm ways to encourage them to be a bit more experimental.

Help with the inventory?

Anyone else can feel free to

Anyone else can feel free to repost the list by adding themselves to it! Or Marnia can volunteer to edit the list too. Or I can keep posting! I guess we should take it to the next stage soon tho, and compile a list of interview questions for our lovers or something. What do we want to do with this community of mutual participants?

Marnia and Gary
Neil and his Wife
Hotspring and Tender of the Fire
Sid and Nancy
Quizure and Her Honey
TsugaK and Wildflower
Greentea and his Juicy Flower
Jesse and Christine
Kos-Mos and Her Love

I'll happily update

But I'm not sure what to do here either. Clearly this thread is unwieldy, so something needs doing. On the other hand, such discussions seem to thrive if they unfold organically. Suggestions?

I told my partner today that

I told my partner today that I would like to try Karezza (deliberately) at least once. I got him to agree! So hopefully it will happen sometime in the next 6 days, I leave for home after that.

If so, I will report my experience. Today we made love, but I was tired and not very responsive. He had an orgasm, I did not... I would really love to know the feeling of sharing in that witholding. I want to know how he feels.

He has read a bit on this site, and is intrigued by a lot of the information here. As of yet, I do not think he is willing to let go of our orgasms completely, but he is definitely moving in a direction that makes it applicable some of the time. He agrees with a lot of the information I have shared with him on this site.

I must admit, I find this slow and tentative journey somewhat exciting, and I feel very fortunate that he is even open to such an unconventional view of sex, even if we are not practicing.

For a while we were both beginning Tantra-Yoga lessons (the traditional style), but I don't think he feels he is progressing with it. So, I continue on with it as I'm able. Ultimately, it may not be for him, and that is alright with me.

Everyone at their own path and pace.


You're so right

It's great he's open to exploring. Karezza's a funny concept. No one can force him/herself to make the switch, and yet without a little push, who would even think to experiment? So there's always a bit of dancing around.

Enjoy the dance. Smile


Well we've had an experience or two, sort of. So far it's a bit more vigorous than I think it should be, but as the man he is mostly in control. I have to remember sometimes, when I'm feeling impatient with our dynamic, that we are both young. He is, after all, only 22.

I have noticed so far, that orgasm seems to dilute his emotional response for a day or two afterward. Myself, I don't know that I ever feel satiated even after my own climaxes, though I will admit I feel deadened afterward. I will lie there, and observe as he gradually detaches from me. It seems that I am having sex to get something else that orgasm doesn't satisfy. I'm not really sure I know what that is.

I will say that the most satisfying experience I ever had with him took place almost a year ago. It was passionate, and at other times beautiful and tender. There were tears and sweet words exchanged. Nothing has matched what I felt then... perhaps that is the clue.

I think that is what I keep trying to get and I often come away from lovemaking, even if it is very pleasurable, mourning the death of our energy.


Kos Mos

Personally I think its great that you are starting more conscious lovemaking at such a young age. We were in our 40's before we tried to make changes in our lovemaking. At your ages I was, as the saying goes, "young, dumb, and full of cum". Cant imagine how I would have responded if karezza was mentioned to me back then. Clearly you are part of the next generation. Hats off to the both of you for trying this. Speaking from a guy's perspective, its a real challenge to slow it down and not orgasm. Us guys can be real goal oriented types and karezza does not fit the male mold. It took me a good deal of time to get my physique rewired to a karezza style practice. It may take the better part of a year to get into a smooth flow with this. If you both stick with it, you'll have what you long for.

How's it going?

You're right that his willingness to explore is a great gift. I can relate to your feeling that there was somehow "more" than orgasm to sex. Although it's easy to lose sight of that during the passionate moments. Smile

Thank you so much Darryl for

Thank you so much Darryl for your gracious response. I am trying to be very patient with him because we are, as Marnia said, very ambitious for even experimenting with this at our age. I'm especially proud of him for even considering it. What a doll. : )


We are experiencing joy.

You may add us to your inventory. We are in our 60s and also just beginning.

We are about half way through Marnia's exchanges in "Peace" and are finding that the sexual chemistry and magnetic attraction is returning to our marriage of 35 years. I called a halt to sex because something was wrong. I didn't know what was wrong and didn't know how to fix it. How wonderful to find Marnia's book and then, through this site, Diane and Michael Richardson's book, "Tantric Sex for Men," a gem for both men and women.

I feel safe and validated and my partner is an enthusiastic participant. Fortunately, we have a marriage built on mutual respect and trust so my refusal to continue with what felt wrong did not destroy our marriage. If "American Eagle" were a lesser man, though, I think my refusal could have doomed our life together.

In one of her exercises Marnia asked us to feel around the heart. She asked, "What is the nature of the energy there after the exchange?" For both of us there was movement, light, and joy. Thanks for information about karezza and cool tantric sex. We keep saying, "Who knew!?!" and are grateful that Marnia and the Richardsons are making this information available. We will spread the word, when appropriate, to both of our children, now in their 20s.