Could "high dopamine" be involved when you "can't" initiate contact?

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my apologies if this has been addressed earlier, but I just had a thought: what if the (sometimes) soul crushing depression/apathy due to lack of orgasm/ejaculation and no relationship, is driven by high 'levels' of dopamine? I've thought the "withdrawal" symptoms stem from "low dopamine", but in my case I think I have too much dopamine! I haven't had an ejaculation from masturbating in more than one YEAR, iirc, I have had wet dreams once or twice a month, though. I exhibit classic symptoms of high dopamine activity: avoidant personality disorder, procrastination, depression, very high stamina for exercise, don't need much sleep, at times very high "cravings" for pro-dopamine substances, and high caloric foods, and caffeine, libido is at times very high , although I never initiate contact. No schizophrenia, but pretty wicked sexual fetishes (although orgasm is not involved for a long time now).
Hm. Sorry for the unstructured post, just a quick thought.

You have a point

It would be better to term the challenge "dopamine dysregulation." Because it is usually a mixture of low ("I need to self-medicate") and high...whenever a severe craving hits.

Are you doing any meditation? Checking Remember, your brain is built for lots of friendly interaction. Do you have a "tribe?" When something's not working, it's time to try something new. What seems to soothe you best?

>>> Are you doing any

>>> Are you doing any meditation? <<<
no, rarely. but yeah, it's good for you.

>>> Checking <<<
I have browsed the various major dating sites, and definitely it can stimulate the mind like porn if you have an "addictive personality". In the beginning I sat for 6-8 hours checking profiles. Female faces are druglike material. This I have stopped, but yeah it could be an entrance to meet people IRL.

>>> Do you have a "tribe?" <<<
I'm thankful for my job, and family I see once in a while. Have a couple friends I go out with.

>>> What seems to soothe you best? <<<
Human contact, no doubt. Vigerous exercise comes 2nd. Serotonergic stuff makes me see the big picture. I have lived on my own for 13 years, but once in a while I sleep at my parents, which does feel good. To wake up and enjoy the morning with other people, and eat breakfast together.

I have had opportunities to date other people, but always turn them down (except casual coffee dates lately) I do think abstinence from orgasm from a looooong ass time "shape" my mind differently. I do not have social anxiety like in my teens, and my energy level is "higher" , but "sealing the deal" is foreign territory, still. Thank god life aint over yet. Smile
I think I'll study more on people with avoidant personality disorder and schizophrenia, and see how they cope with life. Not even booze or SSRI-like material "allows" me to initiate a relationship.

It's like anything else

It gets easier. So don't turn down the next one. And just think of it as a way to meet a new friend. Even if she isn't "the one," she may have friends....

You sound like a healthy guy to me. You just need someone to push you off the diving board. Wink

*big PUSH*

haha, that's excellent.

haha, that's excellent. Thanks for the support. Ya know, I dont *want* to make myself mentally sick or anything, I'm a pretty laid back guy irl. just the lack of relationship of course bother me. Yeah, friends leads to more friends, great point.