Starting a 60 day abstinence

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Hi, this is my first post.
I've been following the material on this site for a while now. After repeated failed attempts at stopping masterbaton, viewing pornography, having sex with various women i decieded to join this site and blog about my journey. My intention is by publicly posting my 60 day abstienence challenge and writing about it, it will provide some motivation and support to resist when the going gets tough. My writing skills are a little out of shape, but I hope they will improve as I write daily for the next 60-61 days about why I decided to stop, the strategies I employ in aiding my goal, any benefits or withdrawal/side effects I experience and links to interesting articles pertaining to the subject. Even while writing this I feel 100 percent greater motivation and commitment to this goal. I welcome any feedback and advice from you all. This is truely a unique and great site, and with the help of it and all those part of it, I hope I can see this challenge through. Thanks again, and have a good one.

Hi 1step

Good luck with your new adventure. Keep us posted on what works best for you. Do everything you can to make the process easier with the things that can help.

You're set to start a blog if you care to.

*big hug*