Enlarged prostate from Excessive masturbation ?

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Does excessive masturbation result in enlarged prostate like BHP ? I am on a abstinence period and well into recovery from p/m addiction.

However I have this issue of frequent urination and some symptoms like the urine starts late and drips after I thought I am done.

All these seem to be symptoms of BPH(Benign prostatic hyperplasia) ?

And if it is: how much is the contribution of excess masturbation over a period of 20 years ?


some sites seem to suggest that frequent masturbation is good for prostate health. I seriously doubt this.

My urologist says,

At the risk of over simplifying things, my urologist and I had a very frank discussion about masturbation/ejaculation on male health. His basic advice was to recognize that ejaculation was "designed" for the purpose of making babies--and not your everyday pleasure. As such, too much action required of your prostate (and seminal vesicles, and testes, etc.) often leads to inflammation.

I saw him for treatment of a case of prostatitis and he recommended that I let wet dreams take care of any expulsion needs as long as my wife and I were not planning on having children.

I'd take it easy, and see a urologist if you are having trouble peeing. You have my sympathy. Any male who had to wrestle with it knows how lousy it feels.


Thanks David

Thanks for the reply David.

Luckily I have discovered some yogic postures to help me recover my natural prostatic health.

I am quite sure it is the prolonged excessive masturbation that has lead to this situation. I am sure I am going to reverse this to a great extent.

If I do succeed I will post my experiences.

Anyways , if anyone is interested I am willing to share what I am doing ( especially the yogic postures) to regain my prostate health.

I would be interested in

I would be interested in what you are doing, I recognise the symptoms in myself but haven't seen anyone yet, I think I'm just better at staying hydrated than others so need to pee more, but I suppose I should think again.

Having first hand experiences

With past masturbation addiction, and non-stereotypically long periods of complete abstinence, AND the abnormally early (but successfully cured by surgical removal) prostate cancer, I can sometimes offer insight, but even absent the prostate, would be interested in the yoga for benefit in other ways/issues.

Sometimes the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more; sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.


Sure. I would soon post a few very useful techniques to redirect the sexual energy upwards.
And also few yogic breathings and postures. If you guys find it interesting and useful we could continue to some deeper practices which I have learnt and been practicing.

Give me some time to compose my post.