Breakthrough for Men - California Central Coast

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For anyone located near California's central coast there is a fantastic Resource and Support Group called Breakthrough which touts itself as "A community of men deidcated to making real improvements in the quality of men's lives." The program is located in Carmel, just South of Monterey.

The program consists of 17 weekly meetings or workshops that cover the basics of self-esteem, intimacy, boundaries, feelings, communication, healing, the male role, addictive behavior and boyhood trauma.

Their program promises that "You can look forward to better relationships with yourself, your partner, your kids, family, co-workers and friends." They have 22 years behind them and have worked with over 1000 men during that time.

The program is simply fantastic. It really gives you life tools that can make a difference, particularly for overcoming addiction and taking control of your life. For anyone interested in more information their website is It is a non-profit organization and workshops are on a sliding scale with scholarships available.

There is an Intro meeting on July 29, 2010 for classes starting in August. The Workshops are offered three times a year.