i've not orgasmed in about 4 months now...

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I don't know what to say about it. I don't feel the ups and downs that I got from the orgasm cycle, but I still have not been able to let go of thinking sexual thoughts for fear that I may become asexual, and that it may be considered, 'weak', or unmasculine I guess. I have thought about sex though, and the orgasmic type too..gotten to the precum part, it's not as detrimental as the full orgasm but.. I guess it can also cause ups and therefore downs.

well, I dont know if it's

well, I dont know if it's all that great to be alone and diong this unless you have an effective spiritual program at countering repression and transmuting/sublimating the energies. and other than that.. I even think it may even be detrimental if a person goes without orgasm without a partner.

Wise post

although I think that gaining control, however one does it, makes overcoming the real problem (isolation, suppression) easier for most folks. You'd probably agree with that, but I just wanted to mention it.

i have a solution. since mtb

i have a solution. since mtb is caused by sexual fantasies, then one can stop fantasizing sex.

instad, fantasize on intimacy which makes us feel warm n fuzzy. Doesnt lead to mtb nor leakage and gives us all the emotional benefits.

this is especially useful for singles without a partner.

u know i've tried.. but

u know i've tried.. but there are things like for example.. a simple hug gets me 'off' because well, the sexual organs may touch. What if, sexuality was really just intimacy as well, it's just the way people interpret it that makes it all 'hot' and excessive.

They might also associate innocent things after being acquainted with porn, as hot and excessive, for example a cute face when you were young was innocent, but after viewing porn.. that innocent face is no longer innocent, especially when you really learn just how 'innocent' the girl might be, but she just probably sees it that way too. But for guys.. no it sets off their defense mechanisms and adrenaline. Yea, sexuality for a lot of men are associated with violent competition, and heartbreak, and a bunch of other disheartening and scary things.. when you're caught up in regular 'fight of flight anger/fear competitive agression type sex".

What if, like many primates, we evolved

to do best with daily contact, but not necessarily climax every time we engage in sexual activity? In my experience, part of the "explosive" reaction to contact is that we aren't getting enough of it, and our nervous systems react really strongly when we get close to connecting.

I just read some research on rats and copulation. Their cortisol levels go up for three days after mating. But if they "get some" every day, the stress response settles down. (By the way, they mount 30 times for every ejaculation. Maybe we could learn something. Wink )