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I'm sorry Marnia for my lack of knowledge of where to post. I'm not savvy, I'm afraid with internet discussions. I never know where to put my reply or exactly how to do it. I'll watch though for an answer and will try to follow proper etiquette.

My first comment followed the post on the Gnostic letters. But you're right, my comments were more related to the subject of the techniques. What appears to be here mostly techniques called Karezza seem to me to be gentle love making of the most profound order.

But still I'm interested in the ancient bedroom sciences which are more closely associated with spiritual experiences. At the risk of sounding ambitious, I might even say peek experiences. Though I really think what I'm searching for is pure unity of spirit. Put simply, when one is in the original state, there is no separation. Unfortunately though, most of us, especially in these days and times are flooded with messages and sadly, I believe many of us pass all of our days without ever discovering our true selves.

So Kama Sutra and Taoist bedroom energetics seem to me to be related to some very ancient findings which lead to direct unity. Over the years, I think, these techniques became blurred and perverted but still with diligence, even following what remains of the teachings can bring an observer to the state of transcending duality.

Most people whom I engage in these discussions either aren't interested or find the Eastern techniques to be too "far out" and removed from our Christian and Western modalities. It is nice to find you all so openly discussing these techniques.

I'm charmed to be here.

It's very nice to have you here!

Even I found the posting options a bit confusing at first, so no apology needed. My suggestion was more a question of protecting your privacy somewhat than a question of etiquette.

Karezza is the same basic idea as what you're after, and "The Karezza Method" is a very beautiful little book written by a man. The Karezza "version" of sacred sex has the advantage of not sounding so "way out" as the Eastern "flavors" of this practice do (to some ears and eyes). In other words, your wife might find Karezza more inviting. If you make it through "Karezza: Ethics of Marriage," you will see that Stockham takes the spiritual aspects of the practice very seriously. But then, all of the traditions I include here have the spiritual element in there somewhere. That's why I choose them.

If you're determined to focus only on Taoist and Tantric techniques you may want to read this LENGTHY article:, which I will include a link to in the August newsletter. I also like this material, attributed to Lao Tzu, who is very clear about the role of this practice in overcoming duality:

By the way, you may want to subscribe to our newsletter in the upper right-hand corner. It's free and your email will NOT be used for any nefarious purposes :). I think you'll like the August issue, as the "spiritual" article will be about various traditions (including Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist) that taught achieving non-duality via experiencing wholeness. (I usually do one article on a sacred sex tradition and one on the neurochemistry of mating, as I think the neurochemistry supports the ancient wisdom.) Sample newsletters here:

Although I find the Taoist and Tantric material fascinating, my inner guidance insists that forcing the kundalini is not a good idea, and that intention and generosity are a way to return to oneness/or non-duality. So, I am not an expert in the Eastern techniques and do not write "how to" articles about them. However, I include articles about sacred sexuality from all traditions in my newsletter and in the site, so if you find or experience something via an Eastern technique that you particularly think is worthwhile, let me know and I'll share it with everyone - anonymously, if you prefer.

Warm regards,

bedroom arts

Marnia. Thanks again. I'm on a different computer so found the site this morning by doing a seach which took me to your book (I'll get around to soon I hope).

I started Michael Winn's (I think was his name) article and though must go for now will return to it and also spend some time with comments. Much there to appreciate, especially with my own Yoga and Chinese energetics experiences. Actually I came to you in the first place because of my intrigue about the difference between the two profoundly different systems which get us to where Christ was describing (my theory).

Any hoot. Thanks again. This is fun. Looking forward to more back and forth. Faithfully yours, Winston

Taoism and Karezza

Hey winstonriley,

I'm into the Taoist side of this coin. I've studied Charles Luk, Mantak Chia and Steve Yudelove extensively. And have come up with quite a few of my own conclusions about it. What I found intriguing about Karezza is that the holding time it advocates makes Taoist sex practices start to make more sense. I've been doing Karezza by instinct. When I recently read about it, I was amazed at the wisdom in Karezza that seemed to fill in some of the missing pieces in what the Taoist are trying to communicate.

Let's talk if you want, is this the right place for a discussion about the energy aspect of Karezza?