The pull of pornography.....

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Ok so let me give you an update. Recently i had a couple relapses. However i decided it was time to really make the huge committment 100 percent. Things were getting better, but not where i wanted them. My goal in all of this has been to gain my sex drive back toward real women.

So i'm again 3 weeks in. This time i changed strategy. First off anytime i thought of anything related to porn, on the basis of something listed on this site, i think of something else for a little while. As time has gone on by doing this, its become easier and easier not to think about porn. Even little buzz words that would get me aroused when i was looking at porn don't have the same effect as well. The second thing, unlike past attempts, i decided to quit the MB for at least 2-3 months. I don't necessarily think the occational MB is the problem, again if done on occation. However during recovery i have come to realize it does set one back some if they aren't fully recovered yet.

So three weeks in, i'm feeling good. Real women have become much more appealing, things continue to improve. However i know things aren't 100 percent yet. Its kind of frustrating. While there is certainly great improvement, there is still that pull of pornography. Certain images pop up in my head once in a while and they still arouse me, which is kind of frustrating. I feel like i'm stuck in the middle somewhere, between porn and real life women.

My question is, as i had mentioned, over just 3 weeks the porn thoughts have become less and less, which is great, but over time do they start to fade even more? I have read on this site and others in recovery that abstaining for even longer periods of time produced even greater results. So i'm hoping i can experience the same. I am commited to getting this stuff out of my head. No matter how long it takes. I know sometimes to break habits it takes time, and thats what im doing here. If i can multiply the results i've seen the past 3 weeks, i'll def be happy.

Good job

I know the feeling you are right where you should be especially with regard to masturbating. When I get into regular masturbation I want to look at porn again. They are so connected in my brain.


From my experience,

The frequency of the images popping up reduces greatly with time as you stay away from p/m , however there can be occasionally few pictures coming back with amazing clarity which is dreadful as to how strongly they are stored.

I even have very vivid graphic memories of my childhood. So getting it out of your head completely may not be possible ! However what is possible is to ignore them. They certainly wont have the appeal they used to have and wont trigger you, so the more we ignore them the less they make reappearences.
However technically they are there, if you try to recall the images, they pop up !

However it would wise to test our memory power on some other images other than porn , I guess :)

Realization for a wave in the ocean is when it comes to know it is water.

unable to cope

I have porn addiction and it's been a month since I last viewed it. I had a few relapses and I realized that these occurred at stressful moments when I felt I couldn't cope. As a way to relieve stress my mind would start to bring up images of pornos and this would lead to me watching them.

My counsellor tells me that addictions occur when we feel we can not cope. I think this is true for me and maybe it might be true for you too?