I cant stop Masturbating. 4 times a day

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Hey people.
I just joined and it looks like you have a great community hear. The reason I am writing this is that I am having a LOT of trouble stopping my masturbation habits. You see, for some reason, i didnt start to masturbate until I was almost 15. I dont know why I didnt start earlier like most other guys but i guess i was just a late bloomer. But since i started, i have been hooked and i LOVE the feeling. I have probably averaged to masturbate about 3-4 times a day since i started. I guess i'm doing it so much is because i started at a young age and my hormones are trying to catch up. because of these late hormones, i have jacked off everywhere you can think of. In alleyways, movie theater hundreds of public restrooms. Maybe its because i am a virgin but i feel that i am unusually strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Like if i see a girl with a hot bod on the street, i will get a boner and jack off in the nearest public restroom. I lust for womens legs, bodies, and boobs very strongly. I recently noticed how much ive been masturbating and how much i masturbate to porn and pictures of celebs in bikinis. So for the past couple weeks ive been trying to hold off an orgasm for a week. But everyday, i fail and cant help my self from masturbated, usually several times a day. I am proud to say that i havent masturbated in 2 whole days and this is my 3rd day. I am trying to go for a week but i dont think i will make it. I have an erection several hours a day and i often stroke my penis to the edge of cumming while watching porn. Just today, i have prolly ALMOST came 10 times, but ive restrained myself. However, i stroke it alot and its taking me a while to write this b/c i keep have the urge to stoke it. Any tips?


congratulations on your progress. Second, stroking it raises your dopamine, making the cravings more insistent.

If distraction isn't working, you might try some of these practices for *doing* something with all that energy.
Solo Practices

There's also the ancient technique of running cold water over your genitals when you feel really aroused. Some people find it really works, although you may have to do it a lot at first. Wink

Remember, it gets easier as you lay down the new wiring in your brain.

Start a blog if you like.