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How do I contribute at Kiva?

1) Register at Kiva:

2) Join the Reuniting team:

3) Select an entrepreneur to lend to:

4) Make sure to assign this loan to the 'Reuniting' group.

5) Checkout.

What does Wikipedia say about Kiva?

Kiva @ wikipedia.
(includes criticism)

How small a loan can I make?


What has been the Kiva experience of the "Reuniting" webmaster?

My wife and I have lent $100 and each of the four 25$ lendings have been repaid and re-lent once each, meaning that from an initial $100 "investment", we have already been able to lend $200.

Each time we re-lend 25$, we get to know about an entrepreneur, a group, a cooperative in some remote corner of the world, and it's gratifying to know we are helping them in small ways.

If 5~10 Reuniting members each lend 25$, and re-lend it, and re-lend it... we soon reach a huge total lending amount all from a minimal personal investment (only $25 and a little bit of time and caring attitude).

Will anyone on the site be able to figure out who I am if I contribute as part of the "Reuniting" clan?

Lenders can choose any login name at Kiva. Since the two sites are completely separate, the login name is not necessarily that of Reuniting. So, the only way to tie a Reuniting account to a Kiva account is by using information that someone publicly and voluntarily discloses at either or

In other words, people can join the Reuniting group at Kiva completely anonymously, in such a way that no one at Reuniting would know who joined and contributed.

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