Music to calm the Hamster Brain

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I sometimes suffer from Hamster Brain, where I can't concentrate on what I need to do (like work) because I'm either excited about some new thing that I *really* want to think about (Happy Hamster), or something's bothering me, and I can't stop obsessing about it (OCD Hamster).

Well about 4 months ago, I found this recording by Jonathan Goldman that's designed to facilitate meditation. I'm sure that there's some 'mumbo-jumbo' that's involved with how it works, but in this case, it's beside the point for me, it just works - with zero effort on my part. I've recently found that it also allows me to get my brain into a quiet 'meditative' state very quickly.

Ultimate Om - Jonathan Goldman from Astral Light on Vimeo.

You can also listen to the whole track on Rhapsody for free, but it's only .99 to download it, if you find it helps. Rhapsody - Ultimate Om

Jonathan Goldman's Blog


one note

In a way it is just a one-note piece of music, in the way Karezza might seem like one-note sex to some who hasn't relaxed into the depths of its deliciousness.


Silly me

I didn't realize you could click on the embed and hear an hour + of it. I've added it to the tools on the new site, as meditation is one. Thanks.