On diet for controlling excessive heat aka a sattvic diet...

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I think diet important to consider while tackling excessive masturbation/desire or porn addiction. I read like half of the book Practice of Brahmacharya by Sivananda. The book speaks of the importance of diet in controlling one's desire. The sattvic diet is recommended. That means avoiding foods which may create excessive heat in one's body as it can be either tamasic or rajasic. I do notice that everytime I eat something really spicy, or heavy on flavor it can create overstimulate, or create excessive passion, irritate the sexual organs as well. The diet is mainly vegetarian, which includes milk but eggs I think are also a no no. One also has to modify it according to one's need because for one something rajasic may be sattvic or vice versa, and it's also important to not be too 'rajasic' about 'sattva' by quitting cold turkey on the rajasic foods.

Things like garlic, peppers, extremely acidic food. It's also important that the overall diet should be sattva, ie, if you mix rajasic with sattva the overall should be sattva, the overall effect is sattva. Sivananda himself ate some spicy foods because that was sattvic for him at the time.

It's also important that the food be as clean as possible and you can also try to be grateful when you eat, as the energies you associate the food you take in might also be transmitted into the food and therefore the body. Ie, water too has a "memory", as it can be conducive of vibrations which also emit sound or light in frequencies beyond normal sense.

I would say just omit excessive use (or any) spices, and acidic foods. Don't excess in anything either, except keep it overall sattvic. It will help to keep one focused, and devoted, not scattered and overstimulated with passion.

When I move in to my new place I'm going to be really conservative and really impose a sattvic diet on myself. Naturally too because it's cheap. I'll be eating lots of beans with hardly any spices, really bland, and grains. Basically, I think another thing about it being vegetarian is that most vegetarian foods have phytoestrogens (some more than others). Phytoestrogens are not as bad as people make it out to be, and it may even block temporarily production of bodily estrogens as it weakly binds to estrogen receptors in the body. This is why it's important to keep balance. Not that it needs to be equal sattvic and equal parts rajasic, the goal is to be overall sattvic, depending on one's need to be sattvic in one's life.

And as with one's diet, try also to be sattvic in life. The goal is not to be excessively passionate if at all, again according to one's life.

Karezza is sattvic.

IF anyone thinks that my understanding of sattvic diet and lifestyle is wrong, please correct me. There is a school that believes that one should be entirely sattvic and not mix in any rajasic, and that is certainly the traditional way, and there is another school that believes rajasic can be mixed in for balance equal parts rajas and equal parts sattva. Sivananda believed the traditional way yet still mixed in rajasic food for his 'traditional sattvic diet' yet taught that one should not mix in rajas and sattva in equal parts. I think he may have meant that one should keep to the principle of overall sattvic foods, and that's the principle.

And as for brahmacharya.. it's possible that complete celibacy is not for everyone or in fact suggested, and that in fact higher ups probably imposed it on lower order practitioners for control. THough there is no denying the fact that periods of celibacy is definately useful for some things. Excessive passion can and does lead to a scattering of mind along with the loss of 'vitality' in the vital fluids and essence.