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Hey there. Ive been checking this site out for a month now and alot of info confirmed many of my suspicions about the negative side of masturbation frequently. I am actually cutting down, even though cold turkey is recommended. I started with a week, and after that I did two weeks and my next goal is three weeks. I did experience alot of benefits (and withdrawal) by cutting down, like calmness, focus, more balanced mood etc. But, during about days between 10 -14 I started feel pain in my lower stomach, testicles, lower back and in my prostate. I did ejaculate this night, and now a couple of hours later my prostate still feel swollen and sore Sad I am a 26 year old healthy guy who exercise regulary. Is this problem common? Sorry for not using any space between lines but im typing this from my cell, and im not sure of doing the spaces. And thanks for a great site!

Yes, I had similar problems.

Yes, I had similar problems. I had this happen to me right around the 2 week mark for a long time. Your body will get used to not being "revved up" after a while and the symptoms will lessen over time. Whenever I do 2 weeks or more now, the symptoms are barely present at that point. Also, you need to be careful of fantasy. If you are having sexual fantasies and not masturbating, it can cause some discomfort. We are just sensitive for a while.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

Thanks for the answer, it

Thanks for the answer, it feels good to hear that it wears off with time.. but the pain was very, very uncomfortable. Today its gone though. And yes, I think it got worse when I fantasiesed. Though, at that point it was kind of hard not to fantasise Blum 3 Today I really feel that I had an orgasm last night. My legs are restless, I doesn't feel as calm and focused. Its kind of interesting to see the big difference.. And it makes me motivated to continue the abstinence lifestyle. The reason I am going to add one week at the time is that I wanna get my physical parts down there get used to not releasing that often. After all, 12 years of daily ejaculation probably have put a standard.. and maybe last couple of days pain was a sign of that I have to go one step at a time to reprogramme my body. If, however, the pain still comes in after two weeks I will push myself another week and if I dont get pain in three weeks I will aim for longer. But adding one week at a time is going to be minimum. I am moving toward a lifestyle without masturbation, porn and also without planned orgasms. But in the beginning I think its a good idea to have some check-points. Now, I look forward in coming off withdrawal again and experience the good sides with a more chemical balanced brain. And yes, this time I will avoid stroking it since that could cause blue balls which could probably cause the prostate pain. Just some thoughts Smile


once you're back in balance, the occasional orgasm (without the super-stimulation of porn) may not cause much in the way of neurochemical ripples.

Also, consider using one of these techniques to deal with the buildup of sexual energy. "Do not touch" can be tough, and may just increase inner conflict. These are thousands of years old in some cases, so there's probably something to them:

Solo Practices

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the tips. I will

Thanks for the tips. I will try the techniques if the pain will come again. So, im just ending day two and I feel pretty low at the moment. I just came home from an evening walk and I felt pretty down during it. I feel like I read someone else wrote, that I could die for just a big hug from someone special. I wanna be intimate with someone, not to have sex but to cuddle, play and laugh. Since I was about 20 ive had a lot of ONS and a lot of casual dates (to be honest, in my view, sexbuddies). When I think back, there were some pretty nice girls during these times but I lost interest after the sex. I think I just couldn't connect because of my messed up porn consumtion and frequent masturbation. Now I fight the thoughts that maybe I missed my train already since I have wasted it with so many nice girls. Im not getting any younger neither. Well at least im glad I found this site know when im 26 instead of ten years from now. Well well, just felt for venting.

Venting is good

And things can look very dark in the "recovery tunnel." But you will come out on the other end. And, as you point out, you're way ahead of most guys on the planet.

There are plenty of women out there who know they want someone like you, who realizes the riskiness of Internet porn. And even more who, with a bit of careful education, *would* realize they need someone just like you. Wink

Cheer up. You'll soon be back in the sunshine.

*big hug*

one week again

Thanks for the response marnia. Finally, one week again.. Today I felt more confident than I have for the last days. When I was walking I felt more secure and less shattered and I noticed that girls was looking twice or looking extra long quite a few times. That felt good. I dont think that I get these glances from girls nearly as often the first days after orgasms. Look forward for even more benefits, though i'm starting to feel the urge for stimulation about now. But i'm definitely planning on staying on this road.

Glad to hear

the ladies are checking you out. Remember, at base, that urge for stimulation evolved to motivate you to connect with those ladies. Wink So don't wait too long. What can you do to socialize?

two weeks, no pain

I think i'm no day thirteen or so now. I feel very focused and can concentrate better than usually. I keep eyecontact when talking to people and socialising feels more stable. I think my voice is deeper and sounds less "bothered" or "troubled" and more clear. This is good but also a little unusual. Sometimes I feel a little too straightforward or stable when speaking.. I hope I dont make people want to back away from me because of that. Well I think i'm a pretty sympathetic and nice guy so hopefully I dont send out any unpleasant vibes. Its probably just me who is not used with it. I feel more confident socialising and more relaxed and happy doing it. So its all good at the moment and I feel motivated socialising. I have some good places doing it too at the university, some bars and at work. Im pretty motivated and optimistic at the moment. Its pretty funny that i've never in my grown up life been at this state.. So it could just get better from here. Its definitely not worth leaving this for masturbation. The urge for images of naked women gets pretty strong from time to time though, but I try to just accept the urge and activate myself and it usually fades away after a while.

That's an

encouraging report. It sounds like you're uncovering the real you. You're not the first to remark that it takes some getting used to when your social effectiveness shoots up. Smile