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Was just wondering, i know there are a lot of different opinions on dream O's.

Right now i'm on about day 17 in recovery. I feel pretty good. The thing is though since i started i have had about four wet dreams. Things is i don't feel they have had negative impacts on my recovery. usually after i MB to some porn, or MB in general the first couple of weeks there is that desire to binge and go back to porn again. However after these dreams i really don't feel that. Is it possible that this is because i don't get that same dopamine surge that i do while i may be watching porn. You know that rush that an addict can have.

I read some things where people actually viewed these wet dreams as a good thing, as part of withdrawal. I kind of a agree, i view them as my brain trying to make last ditch efforts to go back into porn. However as i continue to fight the urges i can win the battle. The content in the dreams has varies, some of it has been porn, some real sexual situations, some nothing at all. Again i feel like my brain wants to go back, but i won't let it. That makes me feel good about it. Just wanted to see how others viewed these dreams.

I have been dealing with this addiction for a while now, a year or so. Each time i mess up i learn something new. I always used p and mb as a crutch to deal with life issues. However i have learned to avoid that, i feel like im def on my way to recovery. Just gotta keep pushing.

If they don't affect you,

then they don't. Just like there are men who occasionally ejaculate without a noticeable roller coaster ride (and women who orgasm without noticing much in the way of related shifts).

The goal is to find balance. For you, that may mean just avoiding the extreme stimulation of Internet "goodies." Smile

Congratulations on your progress, by the way. How's the social life? There are ladies out there who would love to hear from you!