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Hello, I have just joined after reading up about he chemical 'come down' after orgasms and I am hoping to get myself out of this cycle, because I believe its 'getting me down' and draining and distracting me too much. This site's quite an eye opener.

So far I am on my 3rd (almost 4th) day without orgasm or ejaculation so I guess I haven't got very far yet, but so far I feel OK on the whole except getting off to sleep is tricky as Im restless, and once again when I wake up earlier than normal. Incidently, my record of no orgasming was about 4/5 days which was enforced due to my ex taking antibiotics and the pill together so there's my first target to match at least.

I have no idea if abstaining from orgasms will get me back on track or how long i will last, but here goes.........

Yes, insomnia

is not uncommon during the early part of the "reboot" period. Sad Hope things settle down soon.

Remember, giving the appetite mechanisms of your brain a rest is only half the exercise. The other is to make sure you're finding other things to do that make you feel good. Maybe you already have a lot of those other things in your life (socializing, exercise, etc.), but here's a list, just in case:

I've enabled you to start a blog if you like. (Find "My blog" on the left.) Let us know how you get on.

Glad to hear it might only

Glad to hear it might only be a side effect during the early part or the reboot. Im occupied enough during the week and will be also this weekend but other weekends though may be challenging. Feeling quite good actually

As things are OKish, at present its appears ( I repeat appears) I should get through 2 weeks which if i have understood the after-effects of orgasm should show some change.........I hope!