How can i masturbate at the correct frequency?

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I stopped masturbating for 21 whole days (3 weeks) and i feel better.

When i did do the act today, i didn't get that rush i usually feel and i ejaculated rather quickly. I didn't feel the sense of guilt that occured after, nor did i find the need to do it again. I assume that means i'm not addicted anymore...

Did i do the right thing or should i have gone further?

How much should i do it? I saw the article 'The right masturbation advice' and it said masturbation itself isn't bad. So i guess i'm safe if i do it in a relaxed manner, away from porn and only occasionally, right?

p.s. i don't/didn't watch any porn.

p.s.s. I'm 15.


Sounds like you're back in control. Congratulations.

There's no "right" answer here. Just find a schedule that doesn't escalate. That means choosing in advance how often you're going to do it. Remember, "less is more." The more intense the stimulation, the more likely you are to "need" to do it more often.

A sex therapist I spoke to said she thinks confining fantasies to realistic scenarios of real girls you know is probably the best for keeping your natural brain sensitivity levels. That way, when you do get lucky ;-), you'll find normal sex delicious.

Let us know how you get on.

*big hug*